Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Proud Grand Ma time

I'm A Proud Grandma... Yes I am. Sunday Morning, I recieved a Text from Beth around 3 am saying that she was in the Hospital about to have her Baby.. I got another text a couple of hours later, Saying that the Baby is here. I didn't sleep a wink between the two text messages. If there was a way to have gotten there, I would have used it, No matter what the costs. But since I couldn't be there, I was praying for her and her baby and every one who was waiting with us for the baby to get here.

May I Present to you pictures of Heather Lynn Crossman (the 2nd) Named after her Aunt Heather.

Oh.... I just can't wait to go hold and start the spoiling.

I even have a t-shirt for picture taking. New Grandma, 2011.

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