Wednesday, October 5, 2011

kitty whipped

And, they lived
happily ever after!


You Know You're Kitty-Whipped When....


My cats allow me to live with them when you don't make the bed because there are several little fur balls laying in the middle of it....


when you make their breakfast of salmon and shrimp before you make yours consisting of coffee and cold cereal....


when you let the answering machine get the call because there are two little critters asleep in your lap....


when you know she will be on the sun porch for only two minutes because it is too cold, but you wait by the door to let her back in....


You realize you're kitty-whipped when...

You're eating $.39 tuna from a can, and the cat is eating $4.00-a-can prescription diet salmon feast.

You realize you're kitty-whipped when

it's 90 degrees outside but you put on your fluffy sweater because Fiona won't sleep on your lap if you don't.

You know your kitty-whipped when. ..

you get up from eating dinner to turn the water on in the sink because your kitty (who has never drank from a bowl in his life) is standing in the sink staring at you, and then two hours later you realize you left the water running! Ouch!
your kitty makes you late for work because he has decided to either sit on your lap and when you try to get up he hangs on for dear life tearing your only pair of nylons or he decided to give your clean outfit his personal touch by shedding.  This is just a few things my master nick 8 year old tabby dose to remind me he is king and this is his kingdom

-You realize you're kitty-whipped when..

You feed the stray cat that lives outside your apartment, then let her move in with you when winter comes because you don't want her to be cold, even though its a 'no pets' apartment. Then you become even more kitty-whipped when you realize she was just using your hospitality because she was pregnant. And you still have to deal with 2 out of the 5 kittens she had, going home from work on breaks to check on them, and make sure they are all safe inside when its time for bed. Yet you also know deep down, they love you just as much back. Or they wouldn't be bringing you dead animals as gifts consecutively throughout the week.

You know you're kitty whipped when....

you buy 3 24-packs of water at a time because Dutchess will not drink tap water, it has to be bottled. And also refrigerated!
When she wakes you up at 3 a.m. just so you can pet her because evidently she doesn't think you have done that enough today.
When, after waking up, you 1st clean the litter box & check that you can't see the bottom of her food bowl before you even make coffee.
When you repeat that same routine as soon as you walk through the door from work.
When she uses the kitchen counter more than we do, but as a nice napping spot of course!
When you won't allow the dog on the bed but you take the cat to bed with you!
When your husband thinks you are crazy because you carry on a one-sided conversation with the cat & he gets jealous when you show her more attention then him, but it is perfectly fine for him to do it!
And finally you know you are kitty whipped when you are having a hard time typing this because the laptop is in your lap & kitty don't wanna share!!

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