Thursday, October 6, 2011

october 6, 2011

For Today... October 6, 2011
Good Morning... and Hello.  Jerry got me a cute card and a bracelet for me for my birthday.  I wore the bracelet all day yesterday. It got a bit tight and he had to help me take it off.  I got some cleaning done yesterday, and added to short walks to our routine, as well. 
This morning, right now.. the sun is just now starting to show it's face to us. every thing is still in grays and pinks.. We woke up to some fog in the area and If I think about it, will take my camera with me on our next walk. I don't like spiders, but I do like taking pictures of their webs, covered in dew drops. I'm still in a house dress and am thinking of just putting on some sweat pants and tucking in my dress for our next walk since I really really need to take a shower today but know that the dogs are going to need out again, soon.
I know we watched "Survivor" last night, but I don't even recall who got sent to redemption island. Or who won the challenge.  "Survivor" is more Jerry's show any more, and that's ok by me.  Even when Y&R is on, I'm on my computer, usually. That or making something.

Outside my door ...  High today is suppose to be in the low 80's.. yuck.. means I'll have to turn on the air this afternoon. No rain in today's forcaste and no clouds either.
The Dogs ... I still need to take a picture of Barney. He's cute.  Last night, he had a fight with both the bigger dogs. I don't know what they did but he set them straight that he wasn't going to be bullied.  I buy dog food by the 20 pound bag.. last night I emptied the bag and, as usual, left it by the door to be filled with trash. ha ha.. Barney, small, tiny Barney .. dragged it all the way to the bathroom in the back. I had to bring it back up front, only for him to do it again.. (a game) . He's figured out, I'll give him a treat if he comes when I say his name. Now he's finding ways to get into trouble so I'll say his name so he can get a treat.. not going to happen. A petting, maybe, not no treat though.  I had Jerry call him by name and he didn't reconized it from Jerry, until he had a treat in his hand... Hummm got to work on  suppose to "sit" as soon as I say it. They seem to have forgotten that.
The Cats ... are still not sure about Barney.. They just get up out of his way. The looks they give him though, are priceless. If looks could kill, he'd be a puddle in the floor by now. I looked up his mixes.. and he's a full of energy dog.. (oh great) I'll have to keep him busy to keep him out of trouble.
 For the first time in a long time, I didn't have to put the cats back in the kennel when Jerry left for work this morning. They are all being quiet and out of my way. I love when they behave like this.  So far, two have had to share a kennel at night with the new pup.. maybe that's why they are doing good. They don't want to have to put up with him any more. (ha ha)  Last night I did another change up, anyway.. instead of dividing one can of cat food between the 4 of them (more of a treat than a feeding that way) I used two cans of food. I put two cats in each kennel with the canned food mixed into about an equal amount of dry food. The dry food is to slow them down and so both cats per kennel gets some of the canned food. They have their own pecking order and poor Tupelo is low man on the order.  The other day, I saved back a few bites of canned food just for her, to have before she was put into the kennel (before we got the pup) Now she thinks she's suppose to be fed special all the time.
From the kitchen... We had Beef Pasta Dinner out of a box yesterday. Not sure what I want to have tonight (NOT hotdogs) I have some meatballs, and am thinking of going with that,, only this time, I'll cook them in the skillet before adding them to the sauce. Hope that makes them taste a bit better. They are ok,... but don't seem to have much flavor to them. I'll have to "doctor" the pasta sauce, as well. 
I am hearing... (7am)  Morning news on the tv. a car running outside. the puppy whinning because he's alone in a kennel, birds chirping in the trees behind the camper.
I am wearing...  (right this second) a light house dress and a sweat shirt jacket I made over 10 years ago. socks.  Oh, I have to thank the pup for chewing up a sock last ngiht.. ugh. I forgot pups like to chew socks. and left them on the floor for only a few minutes. More than long enough for him to chew holes in one.  later today, I'll put on shorts and a t-shirt .
I am reading... emails and recipes.  I really, really need to finish reading Eragon. Tom, next door has a book he want's me to read. He found out I like science fiction. He's a total fan of Sci Fi.
I am thinking...  I need to get up and walk the dogs before everyone else is up and about. That way I dont have to "dress" just yet. Just toss on some sweat pants and cover up with a heavier top, for now so I can take my shower when it's a bit warmer in here.
I am thankful for...  My Husband. He's so understanding when I don't keep the camper "clean". That I don't always finish what I start.
I am hoping... I hear from Heather (daughter) today.
I am creating... Not much. I want to make a thing for the door but need to get to a store to do that.
One of my favorite things... watching the puppy learning the rules, and how he picks on the other animals with his cute antics.. the looks they give him, and me, are priceless at times.
A few plans for the rest of the week...  sorting laundry. Jerry thought he would have Saturday off. He said last night that has changed.
Billie C
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