Monday, October 10, 2011

October 10, 2011

Good Morning... And Hello.  It was a slow weekend. Jerry had to work on Saturday but we don't know if his raise started as soon as he finished his test or if it starts today.  So, we are not sure how much his paycheck will be this week. Next weeks is going to look very good. I can't believe that we spent over $160 on Grocries this week. But then again. I picked up extra meats and some canned goods we are a little low on. But by the time I put it all away, is still didn't feel like I had bought all that much more extra than our usual weekly buys.  To say how "American" I am.. Each year, I forget that October 12 is not only Columbus Day, but also  Canadian Thanksgiving. Only they Celebrate it the Monday before.  Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all my Northern Friends !!1
Outside my door ... If I didn't know what the day was according to the calendar, I would say we were in mid September. I mean really... We need rain (again) I need to water my lone elephant ear. and figure out where I'm going to store it so I remember to take care of it, over winter. I may just cut off the one leaf that is growing and un pot it, and keep in a dark place over winter. That dark place would have to be under the kitchen sink. I've never raised one before so I'm not sure if that's what I'm suppose to do with it, or not. I can't just put it in the ground here. Anyway.. back to the weather. Our high for today is suppose to be around 82. Unless we get some clouds, I'll have to run the Air (yes, in October) this afternoon. Last night, while driving home from our dinner, we saw a most unusual sight. I wish I had my camera with me, but I didn't.  There was a Sunbeam very visable in the western sky. A brighter streak in the sky from where the sun was shining as it was setting. I'm not sure what caused that, but it sure was nice to look at.  There were just enough clouds in the sky to reflect the light and show up that streak.
The Dogs ... Barney is in TROUBLE with me. We had him out, and he even pooped while out, only to come in and poop in the bathroom, again. Ugh. I can see that house breaking this pup is going to take a bit more time. He's about 14 weeks old, now. So, every two to three hours, we will be outside, and not come in until he poops, then he'll be allowed to drink some water and eat some food, then back in to the kennel. He'll have plenty of exercise while we are outside, I'm sure. I looked up both sides of him and man am I going to be busy.. both are considered high energy dogs. Rocky and Macon are both doing well. Macon is learning that if he barks, people will not pet himl. A younger "kid" came up and pet him, but jumped when he barked. He looked at me as if to say, "SORRY, Mom, I forgot". 
The Cats ...  Smokey is in really big TROUBLE with us. I had him in with Rocky and Barney while we were out for dinner. I left the screen door open and instead of his heading to the back of the camper, Dashed outside, instead. An hour later, I found him.. on top of Tom's camper. Tom's dogs would bark every time Smokey cried to be let down. After three hours, I asked Jerry to at least appoligize to Tom about our cat being on his camper. Tom has a ladder and let Jerry use it to get the cat off. Smokey was so scared though that Jerry dropped him rather than get clawed up. I don't blame him there in one bit. About 1 1/2 hours later, Smokey finally came back into the camper. So his next few days are going to be .. allowed out long enough to potty, eat and drink water, then back into a different kennel that Barney is in. As long as the other three are behaving themselfs, they will be out of the kennels.
From the kitchen... Salad. Ham steak. Baked Potatoes, Brownies
I found a Sugar Free Browning mix at the store. I want to try it. Jerry loves Brownies but I've not been making any since the sugar amout is so high in them compaired to how much flour is used. I do need to get up and make this bread in the bread maker.
3 cups flour
1 tsp. yeast
1 cup + 3 tbsp. water
2 tbsp. margarine
1 tsp. salt
Water, then yeast. Flours, salt on top, margarine dotted about.
Do check doughball while mixing and adjust (dough will be stickier than
usual and more "loose").
Ah, there, I have that started as well as a few other things taken care of.. like cleaning the cat box and taking the trash out to be picked up soon. I keep forgetting that they pick up the trash early on Monday's. We can put our trash out three days a week. Monday, Wendsday and Saturdays. That's the days the trash recycle and convience center is open. Next time Jerry gets a Saturday off, we plan on cleaning the van out. I would rather not have to have the campground owner take all that trash to the center when it's "our" trash. Know what I mean? I will seperate the plastic bottles out from the rest of the trash when we do that.
I am hearing... Morning news and the bread maker and Smokey mewing cause he's not allowed "out" today. Barney was fussing a bit ago, but that's because the cats were sitting and staring into his kennel.
I am wearing... right now. my blue house dress. Later, after I shower, I'll put on shorts cause it's going to get rather warm in here.
I am reading... emails, mostly.
I am thankful for... The ability to take care of my own home. I heard a lady say yesterday that she charges $12 and hour to clean a small to moderate sized home and up to $100 for a larger home. Makes me glade that I can clean my own camper and have it done in about 3 hours if I'm really pushing myself.. Yes, I do a "chore" then sit down for a few minutes, then get up and do another "chore".  If i was to just DO it, I think I could be done, back to front, in just over 1 and 1/2 hours. That's scrubbing sweeping, bed making, picking up and putting away, cat box, dog care and all. But when I do "do" the cleaning. I have to stop and do other things, like pick up something the cats have knocked over, or pick up the trash from where the puppy got into it while I was cleaning a different area, or taking the dogs out.. but all in all, it's good cause I know I can do it for myself. and in the end, I know I didn't have to pay someone else to do it for me.
I am hoping... That Jerry does get this next Saturday off. Besides cleaning the van, we want to go some more Geo Caching.  I had hoped we could on our trip to Missouri, but Jerry left the Garmin at home. (oopsy)
I am creating... A pleasant home to live in. A baby dress for Baby Heather. Instead of making over a body suit or onesy, I found a really cute Cat outfit for her. It will go in the Mail Saturday.
One of my favorite things... Morning Coffee.
A few plans for the rest of the week... making some cookies later in the week. Working with Barney on a couple of commands. Sit and lay mostly. Taking a few pictures.  waiting for my order for a card kit to get here . I forgot and left the mailbox key in the van. I'll have to get it when Jerry gets home, tonight.

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