Friday, October 28, 2011

Oct 28. 2011

Hard to believe that this month is almost over with. Jerry got rained out yesterday. At about 10 am.. where almost every one else was rained out before 8 am.  I half expected him home already today since it was still raining when he left for work and only stopped raining a little bit ago. Looking at the weather map, though.. and it looks like still more rain on it's way here. So, either he'll come home soaking wet later, or come home in a bit and we will have to go back to pick up his check. For some odd reason they won't hand them out before 3 pm.. they could hand them out and ask that they not be cashed until after 3 pm.. but I'm guessing some guys just don't understand "Dont cash before 3."
It was nice driving around with Jerry, to Dickson, to pick up the heater. the contrast of the leaves to the darkness around (the tree bark, the wet ground and the gray skies) was just astounding. The yellows really popped out and the reds were just bright. Of course the rain was knocking off the leaves so most of the trees are really bare now.  I thought we would wake up to at least a bit of frost on things.. but it stayed warm enough to not freeze. We still have a bit of a puddle at the bottom of the step but the sand and the rug do help some. funny watching Barney trying to jump over both the steps and the water puddle. Poor puppy.. he's cold. He can't jump up on the bed to join the others just yet.. and I won't let him climb behind me on the couch. He will cuddle up beside me, when he's not being hyper.
The cats are back in Kitty jail, again. They were all asleep when I went back to bed.. only a few minutes later,, after all the lights were turned off, they started the running and jumping and getting into things. I yelled at them a couple of times.. then gave up and put them all in a kennel. They have managed to tear the screen out of three windows, now. I told Jerry I have to have the screws and washers to put the wire mesh in the screens so I can open windows when it's warm in here... and I picked up a box and had to put them back. He said we have a box in the van in a tub.. I reminded him that I have been asking him to get them out for me for almost three weeks now. He got them out, and I left them in the van when I got out yesterday.. along with the shower curtain hooks that fell out of a bag this past weekend. If I remember when he comes home, I'll go out and get them.
While Jerry was outside, working on the tank side of the propane heater, Bro came up, looking for a treat. I handed Jerry some of our dog treats to give to him. I think Bro is blind in one eye. And his sense of smell isn't all that good either.  Bro is a good dog though. He's very laid back.. today, while we were coming back from our walk, I let our three go up to him and they all got a good sniff on each other. Bro followed us back across the road but didn't come close, instead he headed over to Kims' camper to see if Chet is up yet. Chet will give him a hot dog or two.. all I give are dog treats.  Mary down and on the other side than we are, will also give him hot dogs. Not sure if Tom gives him treats or not.. the fellows in the drive along on the other side of Tom give Bro hot dogs as well.
I had to change a bit, what we had for dinner. I had the beans going, no problem... I forgot to get the meat out of the freezer.. so instead of making chili from scratch. I just empted a can of chili no bean into our beans.. I made up Corn Bread according to the instructions on the bag of corn meal mix, but instead of baking in the oven. I poured out, in 1/2 cup measurments,  into my waffle iron.  Next time, I'll add a bit of sugar to the batter. Jerry said, "Yes, do it again".  Much faster than waiting for corn bread to bake.
I am hearing... Barney barking at Macon, Macon growling (in play) at Barney over a toy.. and "The View".  Rocky is just laying on the bed, watching the two pulling on a toy. Oh, wait. Now Macon and Rocky are playing..
I am wearing... Dark Gray sweat pants and a white tshirt under a long sleeve pull over top.  It's warm enough in here, but the dampness makes it feel cooler.
I am reading...  emails...
I am thinking...  What we can do, if Jerry gets another short day due to the rain. At first, he was saying they were going to have two days in a row this weekend. That was before they were rained out.. now he'll have to work Saturday and I was in hopes of doing a couple of fun things together. There is a Corn Maze close enough we can go to, and I think there is an apple orchard there as well.
I am thankful for... What time I can share with Jerry. I didn't "have" to go to pick up the heater, I could have just given Jerry the money.. We went to get it, together. I found his yearly Santa on a bike, a bit more expensive than last years, but we got it anyway. I don't collect any one Christmas item,, but I should. For a while, Jerry was getting me stuffed animals but I have no place to keep them. We can't recall if we have his other two Santa Bikers here with us, or which storage they are in.  We ate at Long Johs Silvers for lunch. I ate way more than I should have.. so it was ok that dinner was almost an hour late, last night.
I am hoping... although it would mean a shorter paycheck that Jerry does get rained out today. I'm thinking of sorting the laundry here in a bit, just in case... we could do it this afternoon and then not have to do it after he works tomorrow.
I am creating... A Halloween display, outside.  I need to set another shephard's hook for an oil lamp.. then set up the pumpkins but I'll waiting until this weekend to carve the pumpkins. I have 5 of them. I never did find the pumpkin paints for them. I have a goose neck lamp over my bed that I'm thinking of using to help light them up.  I'll sit close by, on Halloween, for a while, on Monday night. I still need to talk to "The Boy" to find out which night Trick or treat is around here.
Billie C.

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