Thursday, October 20, 2011

October 20, 2011

Good Morning, and Hello.
Yesterday afternoon, Jerry got rained out (finally) and was home just before 4pm. I asked him to take me to the the Wal-Mart in Waverly TN. It's a bit closer than going to one in Clarkesville Tn.  We ended up spending just over $200 on things we have been needing/ wanting for a while. Sock and Shirts and a watch for him. A bra, Vitamins and iron and cinnamon for me. Some added things to the list.. I had ink on my list, we got a printer instead.. and heard from a few others who have the Kodak printer that they are not happy with it, either. My main issue with it, is if your out of ink in one of the cartages, it won't print at all. You can be out of color ink, and it will not print a document that just needs black inkl..  My problem with this one is... I have two black ink cartages that have ink in them and altough it's printing, it's not using the black ink. I have to change the color of my text to a dark purple to get it to print anything at all out. So, after months of this, Jerry picked up another printer. while there, he also looking into finding a heater but the kind we want is not at Wal-mart. I'm guessing we will look for one at Lowe's or Home Depot this next weekend.  The last one we had of the kind we want, I picked up at a farm supply store so we may be checking into those, as well.
I told Jerry we can remove a vent that goes to under the sink and run a propane hose in through that hole, and mount it to the side of the cabinet by the door. From what I've seen of the blue prints to Air Streams that is where most of the heaters are mounted in the first place. We don't need as large of one as we had on the farm. Jerry said we may have to get another tank of propane, just to be sure we don't run out in the middle of the night on a really cold night.  I know for cooking a tank lasts us a really long time. lets see, we filled both tanks back in November and although I'm on the second tank we haven't used up both just yet. We refilled one of the tanks just after we left Dickson and when we need to refill will take our tank back to them to have it filled again.
(10:30) It's nice and sunny this morning. I have removed the shields from the window to let the light in on the east side of the camper. All morning, I felt like I had  a piece of grit in my eye.  It drove me up a wall. I did every thing I could think of to get rid of it. I was fianlly able to rinse it out with some warm water and my sprayer hose.  It still stings a bit but it's not near as bad.  I fell asleep on the couch again this morning, and I think that helped my eye the most. Hey, We got  new printer and the power cord fits the opening in my camera battery charger. I can take pictures, again. yeah !!! Not sure where I have lost the cord at.. could be here, or in Missouri. Hopefully I have it stashed here somewhere. 
Barney fell asleep beside me on the couch and it was his falling off the couch that woke me up.. Outside as soon as I could get up and he did what I expected him to do.... and he's now back on the couch beside me again.. that is after each of the cats have had a nose to nose with him, and two gentle swats.  While we were out yesterday, we picked up three chewy toys for the dogs.  One a purple flea that says "Bite me" on it's back. it "Had" big (cloth) googly eyes.. note the HAD.. Rocky chewed of one and Macon the other. The cat's have been having fun with them ever since, batting them all over the place. The other two toys, One is an orange  nubby dog and the third is a colorful  long armed and leged monkey.  This morning I was trying to gather all their toys into one place, out of the way, and Rocky kept taking the purple flea out of the pile of toys.
I swear, Barney's legs seem to have sprouted longer over-night.  He's been very good at learning from the other two the very basic's.. He's getting better about going outside to potty and he's got sit down without me having done much at on that right now. I had to pick up more treats to work on commands with.
From the kitchen...  Well, it's either Pork Chops or Chicken as I have both thawed out. I'll cook both. It's going to be the pork chops cause I need to boil the chicken and I have a soup mix that calls for diced up chicken. That will make a good lunch for us on Sunday.
I am hearing... the tv (of course) The View is on. I keep hearing  (and feeling) booms. not sure if there is a quarry near by or what.. but it almost sounds like the sonic booms I recall from when I was a kid in Colorado... I am wondering if we are close enough to Fort Campbell to be hearing anything from there... could be.
I am wearing... Brown Sweat pants and a white t-shirt. I had on a purple sweat shirt until just a bit agol. The sun is doing a very nice job of warming things up, in here. yesterday's rain had made it do dark and dreary that today is totally different.
I am reading... emails
I am creating... Well, considering how I want to carve my three pumpkins. I will try to find pumpkin paint but am thinking I'll not be able to find it any more around here. I will still look at Dollar General and the other Walmart before I give up on it.
One of my favorite things... The changing weather. Sure I don't like cold and I'm not fond of windy either. but each makes me happy when we have good days of sunshine and apprecate that we do have changing weather.  In a way, I'm hoping the wind will keep up, because if it's over 25 mph, Jerry may be sent home early. Although we bought every thing on my list, I can always shop more.  We do need to check Lowe's and Home Depot for a porpane heater for the camper.  I also reminded Jerry last night, that if we are going to go visit Beth and Baby Heather, we need to take Christmas gifts with us.
A few plans for the rest of the week... Another shopping list. sort and wash dirty clothes. Maybe some early morning baking. Keeping the Camper clean. It's just like having a house in much less space.
Billie C.
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