Friday, October 21, 2011

October 21, 2011

 Hello.  I got Jerry off to work, as usual. Got hungry for Breakfast so I went ahead and took my morning shot and ate.. then ended up going back to bed, with the puppy in my arms.. He stayed there the whole time. As soon as I got up and some sweat pants on, I had all three dogs outside. I've just put the cats back into the kennels after their rousing game of "Catch the fly", and almost knocking the tv off the counter. Barney is in with one of the cats. Neither one is happy. I half expected Jerry home all day yesterday because of the wind.  Nope. instead of using the lifts, they had to use ladders (like that's any safer in wind)
Today is payday.. and Jerry will pick up Subway sandwiches.. right now they are doing a special 2 for $9 or any foot long for $5.  That includes the flat bread sandwiches as well, I think.  We don't get the chips and drinks so it's just the sandwiches. We have the others here at the house. I'm half thinking of fixing some soup to go with those, tonight. I cooked up some chicken yesterday so i wouldn't lose it. and the package I have calls for diced up cooked chicken. Not sure I can do it in the crock pot, but since it's going to be another cool night, using a pot for 1/2 an hour or so will help make it comfortable in here. I saw other packs of this soup going for $7 at the same store. I paid $1 for this one so thinking I better hurry up and use it or it's going to go out of date.
We woke up to a frost warning. Good thing I brought in my elephant ear plant last night. I should put it outside again and bring it back in late this afternoon. thinking I've got it in a bad place and its not getting enough sun, I'll put it out front.******
*****  There, it's outside, and I've done up some dishes wihile I was on my feet.
It's nice and bright outside now. We have a few clouds late yesterday. When I took the dogs out a bit ago it was foggy, now its all been burned off by the sun.
Yesterday afternoon, about 4 pm, I decided I wanted to clean up around the couch.. I was just finishing up when Jerry called me at 5:30. We have an extra printer right now... although I've replaced the black ink cartarage,, its still not printing text. Soo... I'm going to print up a few pages to use for snail mail, and when it's very low, will take that printer over to the laundry room and put a "free" sign on it. Since I did finally find the cord to my camera charger, I'll not have to see if the cord to this printer will fit my charger. The cord was under the couch... go figure, no idea how it got under there. We picked up a Canon printer. Getting rid of a Kodak one.  I started off just wanting to put my beading box under the table by my side of the couch. It won't fit under the table. fits in the space but the table won't go over it. Thinking that, if the heater we want to get won't go where "I" want it to go. the couch can be turned but I'll leave the bookcase where it's at, and put the couch right up against it. it's going to really cut short the leg space but there isn't any other place for it to go.
I am wearing...  sweat pants. and a heavy tshirt. with the sun shining, it's warm in here.  By this afternoon I'll be opening vents and maybe even the door. wish there was some way I could store the extra heat to use late at night when I'm getting chilled.
A few plans for the rest of the week...  I think I'm going to have Jerry look up a few Geo Caches in the Clarkesville area to look for on Sunday. We don't have to look for all of them,, just have a list of a few.  It's been a while since we did any Geo-caching.
Billie C.

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