Monday, October 24, 2011

October 23, 2011

Good Monday Morning, and Hello.
I just spent the last 1/2 hour or so, making up our Halloween candy bags to give out this year. I am in hopes we do get a few kids to our door but doubt we will see more than just one or two who live here.  Two of the kids, are leaving today. The two who like to play behind the camper all the time. They are home schooled. They are leaving today to go to Virginia. I don't know what area they are moving to... oops.. be right back, wanted to make up treat bags for their two dogs, as well. There, That's done as well..
Right now (5:35) it's about 47 outside. A bit cool but not tooo bad. Our high is suppose to be around 75 to 78. I checked out the forcaste.  No nighte below freezing but a couple are going to be close. We went looking at Propane heaters yesterday. Think we are going to pick one up at Lowe's.  It's the same one offered at Home Depote for about $50 less.  I had Jerry pick up the round hole saw that goes on the drill, so we have that already. We have a slight chance of rain mid-week, but we all know how things can change the closer we get to mid week.
Barney got to sleep with me again. last night. At least for part of the night. He woke me up around 1am and I took him out, the put him in bed with me. When we got up at 3:30, I found two messes he had made (not in my bed) so he's going to have to spend a few more nights in a kennel until he gets the idea of going outside. The last couple of days, he'd been fairly good about going outside. The only exception was when we ignored him.
We took the dogs for a ride, last night.  When we got back to the RV park, I asked Jerry to let us out at the top of the driveway so I could walk them... when I opened the back door.. oh man. One of the dogs, most likely Barney. had opened up the bag of sand and it was every where.  Jerry cleaned it up, as much as he could anyway. and put the sand under the rug by our door. The reason we got the sand in the first place  was to fill in a depression just outside the door where, when it rains, we have a water puddle. Hopefull we won't be stepping out into rain, now that we have the hole filled in a bit. it seems that ever place we park the camper, we end up with a large puddle of water just outside the door.
I picked up three more pumpkins yesterday. I also picked up a toy black rat as well. At first I thought about getting a purple glittered skull but decided to go with the rat instead. I have some battery tea lights that I'm going to use in the pumpkins I carve. I also have candles so if I don't have enough for all of them, no big deal.  I walked past Momma D, and asked her, when do the kids trick or treat around here? Sat, Sun or Monday?  Some places will have the kids do their trick or treating on the Weekend before Oct 31st.. other still go with Oct 31 no matter what day of the week it falls on.  She really didn't know, and said that they don't get many kids out here for it. I told her that's ok, I was planning on the kids in the R.V. park, at least, showing up... that was before I found out that the two at the end of the driveway are leaving today.
My heart is breakng for my on line friend Jackie. Her Mom died over the weekend and she's just lost withoug her.  Dot had been sick for a long time but the last couple of weeks were the worse for her and her family. She is at peace now, though, and the family knows she went without pain, in her sleep.
Outside my door ... When I took the dogs out for "first" pee.. I noticed that it's a little foggy already. Perfect for end of October and Hauntingness, Earie looking. I also noticed that the light at the laundry house was off.
I picked up a small wreath to go on the door. I'ts only got a couple of leaves on it and a small scarecrow.  I figure I can either add more leaves to it, or, after Halloween, remove the Scarecrow and add in some natural's from the area to dress it up more for Thanksgiving. I can also strip off all the fall stuff and then use it as a base to make a wreath for Christmas.
The Cats ... are happy to be out of the kennels. They are all asleep on Jerry's bed. I had to wash out one of the kennels this morning. What a mess.
From the kitchen... Planning on Hamburger tonight. Maybe some fries as well. Salad, of course.
I am hearing... The TV, of course.. it's always on if we are awake. The Fan on the heater. A car warming on before the man leaves for work.
I am wearing... Still in my long blue housedress and a robe on top of that. Will be wearing Grey Sweat pants and a tshirt when I change my clothes
I am reading... Emails  many, many emails

I am creating...  I made up some bags of Candy to give out Halloween. I made them up now, because two of the kids I wanted to give to, are leaving the RV park today.
One of my favorite things... Spending time with Jerry. We did get new phones over the weekend. Not sure if I'm going to be keeping a connection any better, but I can at least hope. I thought I would love the blackberry but with all the different things going on in it, I was constantly charging it. I don't need a camera. or web browsing, or any of the apps that were offered.  We did look at an ipod but it's not something we need since we already have laptops.
A few plans for the rest of the week... keeping the camper clean. Carving pumpkins, cooking meals. walking dogs, doing laundry and shopping. Praying for all my friends and family.
Billie C.

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