Saturday, October 22, 2011

Oct 22, 2011

Good Morning...  We got downright cold last night. Down to around 36.. And the power went out around 2 am. What woke me up, was the back up beeping of a truck, That's when I noticed the power off. Jerry got up, pulled on some clothes to check the box outside. Wasn't at the box, but he smelled "something" burned outside and then said the transformer for our box much have been it. A few weeks ago, While watching my Favorite Soap (Y&R) The power was turned off for about 20 minutes to take care of a power routing problem to the lower section. I bet that was what they were working on. Not everyone here was without power. That sure explained why I woke up cold, though. I've had a burner on, on the stove to try to warm up. I boiled up a couple of eggs for my breakfast, and now have a cup of hot Green tea, in front of me. It's helping..
Barney is right up against my hip, trying to absorb the warmth from me. Macon and Rocky are on the beds, under covers no less. The cats are close by, almost on top of the dogs.. Thats telling me, they are cold as well. Strips (cat) is in big trouble with me.  I caught him munching away on Elephant Ear plant. Any one ever grow one of these??  If I cut off the one lone leaf that left and let the soil dry, will it come back next spring?  Should I remove the bulb from the dirt?  Any ideas?
I know they grow in the Kansas City area but I don't know how they are taken care of.. Do they tolerate Cold at all or are they dug up each fall.
Outside my door ... I just looked out the window and it's FOGGY.. very Foggy. I can barely see the camper next to us.. and it's not that far away. So I'm hoping that the sun burns off the fog before mid day. Our high is suppose to be in the mid 60's (I think) Which means I can open the door and windows for a while this afternoonl.
The Dogs and Cats ... Besides sleeping, are just now starting to stir.  I did take the dogs out at 5am when I got up (again). After putting Strips back in a kennel after I caught him trying to eat my plant.  I now have that plant "guarded" by a bottle of cola in the only way he can get to it (I hope) Soon as I find another empty cola bottle, I'll cut it in pieces and use the top as a cover. Hum.... wait, I think I can use a plastic jug to cover it.Just need the jug.
From the kitchen... I'm not sure what we are going to have. If Jerry works only 8 hours, we will eat out.. if he works 10, I'll cook. I didn't fix the chicken soup after all. The sandwiches were more than enough.  Jerry always knows what I want on mine. Full of everything. Double the vegies. He barely gets tomatos and lettuce. yet he's the one who's lost over 60 pounds, now.
I am hearing... Got the tv on.. Barney snoring, Cats jumping on and off the bed. The water steaming in the pot on the stove.  Hum.... I have a cast iron tea kettle... it's heavy... it would put off lots of heat if I put it on the stove. I may bring it in, clean it up and put it on the stove.
I am wearing... Maroon sweat pants and a purple sweat shirt.  I'll be changing later into something, umm, nicer. 
I am reading... emails.. so far. I opened up a binder I brought back from Missouri with us and found one of my old pattern enevelopes.. I think it may have my cap pattern in it.. I sure hope so as I want to make at least two more.  I may also have  the pattern for a baby cap.
I am thinking...  Jerry may want to go back to Clarkesville today, if he only works 8 hours. I know "I" got cold last night and I'm sure he felt cold as well since it was easy to wake him up when the power
I am thankful for... Jerry, for letting me sleep in on Saturday Mornings. He will buy egg and sausage biscuits on his way to work. He really is a sweet heart that way. If I wake up feeling really bad during the week, he'll do that, as well. When we woke up 20 minutes last this past week, He bought instead of me cooking that morning. It saved him about 15 of those lost minutes.
I am hoping... That Jerry only has to work 8 hours. He said something about He's not going to work Sunday, unless he just has to, and if he's told he has to, he will call in "Sick". Sick of working anyway. He "needs" that one day off  a week.. That's because we have to do all the shopping and laundry and such while he's off. I sure wish I could go get new Glasses. I could then drive him in to work one day of the week and get the laundry and shopping done while he's working then we could do more "Play" on that one day he's not at work. Doing the errands is as much work as working.,
I am creating... A warmer camper.  I am thinking of picking up some bubble wrap. I want to put it in the windows and see if that will work as well as plastic on the inside.  With the three missing wire right now. I'd only have to Open the ones in the front, to slip in the bubble wrap.
A few plans for the rest of the week... I'm hoping that, tomorrow, we can go find a few Geo Caches. We haven't had time to do that in a while. I hope to find a better way to protect my plant from the cats. I would like to find a couple of Mums to put outside the camper. After tonight predicted low of 34, the rest of this weeks low arei n the mid to upper 40's so any I get, would be safe from any freeze for a while. I'm even considering putting a couple up at the sign. If I see Momma D, I'll ask her if I may. She's soo tired. She would love to decorate but she's just been run ragged getting water spikets protected from the cold weather. Add in last night lose of power, oh man.. And they have "Family" plans for today. Their son wants to pick up his Halloween Costume today, and there's a fall festival or two they want to go to, this afternoon.  I sure hope they can take off that time and go. They all deserve it.I'm going to ask her, if there is something I can do, to help. I noticed some pink foam board and asked about it. going to make boxes to cover the water faucets.  Hum. I can do that.
Billie C.

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