Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October 18, 2011

Good Morning... Can you believe that October is 2/3rd of the way over?  Where did this month go? Seems like I was just visiting that new grand baby of ours a few days ago, and not a couple of weeks ago.
Outside my door ... It's a gray, dreary Rainy day.. Hopefully Jerry will get rained out this afternoon. He could use some extra time off.  His job is now on 60 hours a week. That means I'll be cooking dinner on Saturdays. (unless we change our mind) If he gets rained out, I have already asked that he take me to the Walmart in Waverly. Not that anything now on my list is Needed, it's all wanteded.  Heather called, asking me to call her back... I was so ready to throw my phone into the lake. I had to recall her phone number even though its on my phone because it won't dial it. I can manually enter it but it will not dial from the phone book. No idea what's up with that. Same thing this morning when I paid up two bills over the phone. I had to come inside and write the second number down, I just could not recall it long enough to dial it.
Anyway.. Heather has found a job. Part time, working at McDonald's. Bailey is happy cause that's her favorite place to eat. "R" is still job hunting. I did Remind Heather that Volvo in Chattanooga may be hiring again. And I don't know how far she is from Springhill, but the auto plant there is about to hire a lot of people as well. (At least according to the news.) 
Beth got her box in the mail yesterday. I sent her a newborn "Cat" halloween hoody for Baby Heather. It got there quick. It was sent out on Saturday. I texted Beth that she can wear it more than just on Halloween day. She answered back. Yeah.
We picked up three pumpkins over the weekend. I'm not going to carve them until the Saturday before Halloween. I plan on painting them before hand, if I can find the pumpkin paints
The Dogs ...  Rocky and Barney just got in a tussle. Barney wanted the toy Rocky was playing with. In the end Barnely got it. but Rocky got to eat all the treats out of the treat ball, so Rocky came out on top. Poor Macon just didn't know where to go when the two of them got into that fight. I know Rocky won the argument. cause he didn't want the toy. He just wanted Barney to leave him alone. Barney is going to be a high energy dog, I'm afraid. He's already figuredo out how to tease the cats, as well. He'll sit just out of reach outside the kennel they are in, and bark at them, when I feed them. He want's what they are eating (canned and dry food mixed together) Then he'll get a toy and lay just within reach and chew the toy until they tag him.
The Cats ... Are really pushing it to go outside.  I've emptied the spray bottles twice on they yesterday, just trying to keep them out of the doorway.  Smokey has been so bad that I'm half tempted to leave him out, next time he runs out. (not really)  I can't blame the cats for wanting out. It is a bit cramped in here with all the pets.  I've changed up from all four sharing one can of catfood to giving them two cans. I do it by placing two cats per kennel then empty a can of the canned food into the bottom of the food dish then cover with dry cat food, and mush it down into the canned stuff.  Makes them work a bit for it, and that gives each at least a good taste of the canned stuff. We do have a pecking order with the cats. Smokey is top, then Fuzzybutt, Strips (who does not have visable strips but a couple of spots) and Tupelo is on the bottom. There are times, I'll leave Tupelo out and give her some food without having to wait until the last minute for it.
From the kitchen... I'm undecided. But leaning toward fixing the roast today. At first the forcast was for a high today in the 70's now, it says we won't make it to the 60's but for about an hour, if that long. So now I'm thinking the roast again.  Otherwise it would be a hamburger helper.
Today will be one of those days when I'll be opening the door, closing the door, turning on the heater. turning off the heater.
I am hearing...  Rachel Ray just went off and "the View" is now on. And I am going to have to close the door, agian. The door is open (for now) This morning, I heard lots of different noise. Truck starting and leaving, Dogs barking, then Tom's dogs and our dogs decided to have a bark off. not sure who won.  I even heard a cat fight, out side.
I am wearing... Sweat pants, Dark Blue ones. and my purple flowered shirt.. and it's starting to look really faded and well washed.
I am reading... Emails, 
I am thinking... How are we going to put a heater in this camper, Electrical box heaters are not going to cut it, this year.  I'm also thinking about how to seal the window up better than they were last year. I read about using bublle wrap, but wonder how I'll keep the cats away from it.
I am thankful for...  Fall. Yes, I know it's a season. But it's cooling off and more comfortable. I don't like cold, to be sure, but Heat was getting old. I like Spring for much of the same reason. It's not cold and it's not Hot. it's in between.
I am hoping... Although it would cut into the paycheck, That Jerry gets rained out this afternoon.  I would love to get away from the camper for a while.
One of my favorite things... I like decorating for a holiday. Right now. I'm working on Halloween. If I paint the pumpkins then I can wash off the paint and use them for Thanksgiving as well as being able to use the pulp for cook with, later.
A few plans for the rest of the week... I need to change the day I change the sheets on the bed from Monday to Saturday, (when we do the laundry)  I took the small hand brush and brushed the dust bits and cobwebs out of the corners and off the ceiling yesterday. Still need to  get into a few corners but it looks much better.

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