Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October 4, 2011

Good Morning... And Hello.  Jerry went in to work today. He's feeling much better.  Because we went up to do a quick look at the farm, our trip back home was extended by over an hour.  He was just worn out between the drive and the allergies he's been having to deal with.  There are "Plans" going on in the family and until they are set, we are playing it by ear.  We may be making a trip back to Missouri before Thanksgiving.. Hey. we have made a plan. (strange for us, right?) We are going to visit Beth and Baby Heather for Thanksgiving and they will visit his family over the Christmas holidays. This works out best for both of our family's. We don't like having to travel at Christmas tim too much because you never know if / when it will snow. I am in hopes of a white Christmas, though.
I didn't get a whole lot of pictures of Baby Heather. It's kind of hard to take pictures while your holding a baby, and I would a lot rather hold a baby than take pictures. Beth got a couple of pictures of us holding Heather and she'll send me copies when she gets them developed. yes, she used a point and shoot camera. She should also be able to send me the pictures I took with the phone we left with her. I forgot to send them to m email address. OOps.   We managed to lose Jerry's card for his camera so I have to look for that today while I'm cleaning the living room.
We are training a puppy for Beth. Really, it's Baby Heather's pup, but it will be almost a year, at least, before they can have him in their home. That is, if they can find a house at the tax sale and have it ready to move into. He's a smart little thing and has already figured out that if he comes when I call his name, he gets a treat. and gets two treats if he sits as well. He's Snauser rat terrior mix. He has the Snauser face and guard hairs but a short coat. Just not sure how large he is going to be. The man we got him from said he was told the Snauser was fixed.. Utoh. I told him.. next time, check for a small tatto in the area that has little hair under the back legs. As far as I know, all vets now tat a dog that is fixed. I know all the dogs and the cats have a tat. Not all may be green ink but they will have the tat. I haven't even taken a picture of Barney yet. Why the name Barney? Not for the purple Dinosaur but because the man's father we got him from was our friend and we only found out he died when we got the pup. Barney was a good friend and was trying to help us find a stolen camper. Barney was an animal lover and had a collection of all sorts of animals on his farm. He would be happy to be honored with a Pet named for him, I think.
I don't have any plans for today... I'll make up for it by celebrating the 4th of each month like I did the year I turned 50. Beth did say she thought about a card, then forgot.. for her, that's progress. (ha ha)
I don't know if Jerry plans on stopping at a store on his way home from work, or not. A lot will depend on how he's feeling by the time he gets off work.
I just got back in from walking the dogs, and putting a few notes out in the mail to send out. I heard from Nell over the weekend. She's still working on getting internet to her room. I gave her my email address so she can write me as soon as she's on line again. that would be great if it's done this week.
Since Jerry was home "sick" yesterday, I have to do a total cleaning of the camper today. That's ok, I can take my time doing that. I do need to find 4 AA battries, and try out the Pedipaw's I picked up from Walmart yesterday. With 7 pets, I'm sure to give it a good workout. Tom, next door, wants to know if I like it when I do try it out. He got to meet Barney yesterday evening. One of his dogs got to meet Barney as well, at least a quick sniff. Which I wanted to happen. I want Barney to be able to meet lots of dogs safely. I need him very friendly with other animals and all sizes of people.
For tonight's dinner, I'm thinking of making Cottage Pie. It's my first time to try it.
I like Chicken but Jerry gets tired of it quickly. I saw a recipe recenlty that I want to try. I bought some Vegerable for stew mix when we got back in town. I'll have to pull the onions out of it, and save them for me to use, later. I found some wild onions while I had the dogs out and picked a few of the green tops, I'll use them to season the "stew" part with. What Jerry don't know won't hurt him, right?
I'm not sure if I'm going to make me a cake or not. I am leaning toward making the cake but a lot wil ldepend on how I feel this afternoon. Then again, I have some apples and have been wanting some baked apples as well. I even bought some Caramels to put in baked apples for a special treat for us.

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