Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Wow

We did go to see Heather and we had a blast. Of course we were a bit stressed about having so little money for gas, until we put our change together and took it to Coin Star in Wal-mart. Between the two of us, we had over $70. (including 1 gold dollar, drats forgot it was in there) Jerry put in on the Wal-mart gas card so we could get 10 cents more off per gallon. we made the trip there and back on 1/2 a tank of gas.. That's not bad, considering that's a 350 mile round trip. I'm just glade we were not towing the camper or that we had his tools in the back cause that would have made the miles per gallon less.
It took a bit, but Corbin finally came out and started talking to us. He's only 3 and a bit shy. But he loved the dogs. He would run, they would run and he though they were running after him.. then figures out no. they were just running.  After a while I was able to give him Rocky's lead, while watching of course, and Rocky was soo good. He didn't pull but a couple of times and as soon as he realised that he had tripped up Corbin was sorry and tried to kiss him.. OH YUCK.. dog slobbers... more crying.. then up on his feet and running again. Tears didn't last long when he discovered that the dogs have to be put up if they are in trouble.
Poor dogs, they were totally worn out by the two kids. Bailey loved playing with Macon. It's too bad they can't afford a dog for the kids.
Macon was called Mason, Macon, Bacon.. Racon, and so on.. Bailey was trying out every combonation she could think of, I think. Jerry checked out an electrical problem they have been having and think they just need to replace an old breaker. if that doesn't fix it, he will check it out more next time. Hopefully we will have enough notice that he can bring some of his own tools with him. Bailey loved talking to me and I loved that she wanted to spend time with me. Last time she was too busy playing with her neighbor.  School starts in a couple of weeks for her and she was in one of her new outfits. Mom got a bit miffed that she got grass stains on the knee's before she got to wear it to school. She was copying Macon, rolling in the grass. He just loved rolling in the grass. There isn't much grass around here for him to roll in.
It was an un-eventful trip up, and a bit of excitement on the way back home. just after we got past Nashville and the lanes were back to two lanes each direction, a truck beside us, lost a back wheel. We all jumped and he did a great job of keeping his truck under control Jerry said he saw sparks flying everywhere. We got pass quick.. and just ahead of him was a dead deer at the side of road, we were just praying that he was stopped before he hit it . cause it was in bad shape.  There wasn't a place for us to pull over and make sure he was ok.
Now that we are back home. We watched Twister, again, to unwind from the trip. We didn't go to bed until after midnight.  We were up around 7 am. we decided to eat out at Shoney's. then do the shopping. We did all the shopping we needed for this week at Wal-mart. Even the pet food, that I usually pick up at Dollar General.  Jerry needed a lunch box, so I picked up one from the sports section along with a couple of ice packs for it.  I picked up a pump hand soap to keep by the kitchen. Once it's emptied, I'll refill with dish soap to do dishes with.
Oh, I forgot to mention. Heather had a counter top dish washer that she gave us. She's had it about a year and is not happy with it, not unhappy either but she said that it's more a size for Jerry and I than her family of 4. I'm not sure we can make enough room for it to work in our little kitchen.. it's larger than a microwave and we would have to tear out some trim to get it to fit. I'm not sure I want to do that, or not.

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