Wednesday, July 6, 2011

For Today... July 6, 2011

Hello.  We are still waiting for a phone call. Jerry will call me at noon only if he hears some thing.
We have "new" people behind us, and guess what... they have a dog and they didn't have it on a lead when they came in last night. Jerry had to cut our dogs' out side time short. I haven't seen any one over there, yet today.
Rocky was a bit "runny" this morning so I gave them their second walk a bit earlier than usual and he's now just fine. I'm not sure what he got into. Macon is such a lug. He just loves to roll in the grass. He will find a patch of grass that "smells" right and will roll and roll, Get up and shake off then go find another patch of grass to roll in.  Some times I'm thinking he's taking a dew bath, but when he's doing it in the after noon, I'm just not sure why he's rolling except that its just got to be fun for him.
We have a decent chance of rain this afternoon and that means I'll have to move my mattress over to Jerry's side of the camper. Im still waiting for him to come up with a way to stop the rain from coming in around the air conditioner.  I'll be taking the dogs out as soon as the news is off. By then, Jerry will be back at work. It's cloudy so the camper isn't heating up as much as when it's sunny out.
For dinner tonight, I'll fix some steak we have in the freezer, Need to get it cleared out even if we don't leave soon. The freezer needs a bit of baking soda.  I'll bake some potatoes in the crock pot. I need to start those in a bit. I'll make extra so I can use a couple for Jerry's breakfast.
I went looking through my stash of craft stuff and I can't find the things I want to make a card with for a challenge.  I hope that I can get to Walmart and pick up something tonight or by this weekend at least. I have a few more days to work on it. I thought I could use an index card for it, but it's just not going to work like I want it to. I'll either find card blanks, card stock or come colored papers to work with.
Othewise I've been working on a clean(er) camper.

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