Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011

Good Morning... Man oh Man it's HOT outside. Of course it's July so it should be Hot outside, right?  While I was walking the dogs this morning it felt more like I was swimming throug the air than walking through it. I swear, it if was any more humid I think I would be seeing some Fish floating by in the air.
We will be moving the camper this next weekend to Clarksville Tennessee. That's about 150 miles from here. I need to look up the forecast for Clarksville to know what we are heading into. I know Jerry will work today though Thursday but not sure about Friday. He may be asked to work some overtime. he said he wouldn't work on Friday. But if he's asked he could change his mind on that.
With all this heat, we will be eating sandwiches for the next few days. It's just too hot to cook and too hot to eat. Lots of water for all of us.
Over the weekend, I picked up 4 yards of fleece to make dark curtains for each end of the bed room. I'll have to work on that today. I'l only have to fold over and sew in place one hem on each.  I can use the broom handle on one end and the shower rod on the other. Jerry will be working nights, at least for a while. Hopefully he won't have to be on nights for too long.

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