Friday, July 8, 2011

Good Morning...

Good Morning...
Hello.  We are still waiting for one more phone call. Jerry's clearences are done, now he just has to wait for a call that will tell him when and were to show up for his orentation. If he gets the call today, we will be leaving tomorrow and moving the camper. If not, then we will pay by the week here.
We ate at the local truck stop last night. Every time Jerry has driven by, there's been cars there. He wanted to try it out.  I had the chicken fried stead and it was good. I was expecting it to be more of a steak than a breaded hamburger though. Jerry had the ground steak burger, no onions. 
I went back to bed, this morning. I kept waking up last night. I had to get up at 4am and take the dogs out. Then we were up at 5:15.
I hope to hear from Jerry around Noon today as to wether or not to start packing up. Before then, I'm just taking a "me" day (again this week). I hope to be packing it all up this afternoon/evening. 
Who's going to watch the last shuttle launch.. doesn't look like I'll have much choice in it. As all the local stations will be focused on that. They are all based out of Huntsville and much of the major busnesses are Based on Aeronatics. Plus there is an astronaut training center in Huntsville plus the Kids center.
I think part of the reason I felt like going back to bed is we have dark skys and rain. At least it's a gentle rain and not blowing in through the window. I have raised Jerry's foam pad up, again so it can still air out more. I sprayed it with more lysol as well. I've also sorted the laundry this morning. If we go or not, I want to get the laundry done tonight.
One of the reason's the dogs had to go out at 4 am is I forgot to take them out after 8 pm last night. When we got to the grass they were both "happy" to lift a leg.  I took them again after we gott up, and now it's time to take them out, again.  Rocky didn't want to be very good this morning, but he finally figured out that I was in no mood for his antices. The cats have been in and out of the kennels today. They just want to get into things they "know" I don't want them in.
I'll have to cook tonight. I need to empty the freezer a bit anyway.  I took out the half pack of hamburger and will figure out what I'm going to make with it, here in a bit. I have some Mac and Cheese I could add it to, or some rice I made the other day could be used as well. Might go with the rice since it's already cookedd and will just need reheating. I will make a salad and try to finish up the fresh vegetables as much as I can. dessert will be instant pudding so I can use up the milk we have.
I have the local station of CBS on, right now. ?they are doing a special about the shuttle mission and the history of all the missions. Oh. I'll be back in a few. I got to walk the dogs.
Ok, I'm back. Macon just had to roll in the wet grass. The kingfisher birds are in fine fettle this morning and Macon is just sure they are out to get him. He so wants to give chase and I just won't let him. So, instead, He decided to try to chase a butterfly.  It just kept out of his reach and fluttered on it's way to the tall weeds behind him.
One reason I enjoy watching about the space programs is a bit of affinaty.  I was born the the day the space age started.  Sputnik was launched on October 4th.  The same day I was born. Maybe that's why I enjoy reading fiction story's that include space travel.

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