Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 27

It's lovely here. The spot we have the camper is mostly shaded and the camper stays so cool. The sun hits the back from about 2 to 3 30, then it's in the shade again. Plenty of area and road to walk safely. A few dogs, and those that I've seen are either behind a fence or on a lead. Finally, a place that "knows" dogs need some control. Well almost. there was two dogs loose the other evening, and they wanted to come meet my dogs while we were walking. They did go back when they were called and they are not large dogs. I did see a couple of Pit Bull dogs being walked not that long ago. They look to be friendly and were very well behaved.
Dickson is a small town, just off the interstate. There is a small college nearby, so it's part college town. We tried to find downtown but the roads are under re-construction and it was Sunday and we didn't want to get caught up in too much traffic. Laundry is a bit higher here, for machins that are old. We left one place when we saw the prices and the conditions of the machines. We checked out a back of a building place we saw as we were leaving Shoney's after breakfast and its a little cheaper. This next week, I'll have the laundry ready to go and we will eat at Shoney's then do laundry there and get it over with.
We really haven't seen much more than a few stores so far. What with having to run to Heather's last weekend and the weekend before driving here, then going to Clarksville to find the motel where Jerry needed to be the following morning, Very early in the morning. We now get up at 3:45 so he can leave by 4:30, The job starts at 6:30 and the parking lot is full before 6 so he wants to get there extra early so he can get a parking spot closer to the gate. it takes him over an hour to drive back home because the traffic is even worse in the evenings.
Now, you know I don't usually like to take pictures of "new" buildings. I like old courthouses or churches with steeples. But, there is one building here I want to take a picture of. I'm not sure if it's just live theater, or a fine arts, but it is unique.. At one end there is a part that looks like a ball about to roll down the hill. I do know that there have been some summer "camps" there for the kids as the light up sign tells when camps are. I'm sure that there is some crafts store around here, somewhere. That's because the Crafts department in Wal-mart really is less than two isles large. not even a good selection of bead and jewerly making and no material at all. So you know, I'll have to find out where all the Craft suppliers are around here. I've seen a couple of Amish ladies going into the store, So now I want to find out where they are and if they have eggs for sale. I so want farm fresh eggs. The lady who was in the office last week said she sells eggs, but at $2 a dozen, Jerry said no.
I would like to rent a place then so some major work on the camper. Repaint and repair a few things. Nothing major but you know how hard it is to paint a place your living in. It's three times harder when the place is as small as the camper is.
Billie C.

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