Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Good Morning... er, afternoon.

Good Morning... er, afternoon. (I just looked at the clock) where did the morning go?  Well, I got up early and made Jerry's breakfast and took the dogs out. then went back to bed. Got up at 8 and did the usual of taking the dogs out, scooping the cat box and taking care of me.  I had to wash out both kennels this morning. What a mess. I did clean up where they sit while I had them out from under the small shelf. Boy was there a lot of dog hair under and around them.  I got the Bathroom straighted up, but still have the rest of the camper to straighten up. I just got to get up and do it.
It's another hot, sunny day.  I dread having to take the dogs out again, but it has to be done. Beth called and just wanted to chat while she was driving in to work for a meeting about their insurance. I wonder how her being Pg is going to effect that, if they change company's.  Not good, I'm sure.
The dogs don't want to go outside much, Not until the sun goes down anyway. Then they want to stay out while I'm being eaten by bugs. The cats are being very lazy and laying around on my bed. It's not cool in here but neigher is it hot. I have the air on low cool but think I better turn it up soon.  In a way, I wish I had someone here I knew so we could go into the pool. I don't swim so I don't go into the pool alone.
Billie C.

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