Monday, July 18, 2011


Good Morning... Jerry left here just before 5 am. It took us about an hour yesterday to find the motel that he has to be at. He has to be there by 7am.  That gives him an hour extra in case something goes wrong. We never expect something will, though.  I did our usual morning routine.. cooked his breakfast, scooped the catbox, bagged up the trash and took the dogs out. Very dark when I took them out so they didn't do much more than pee.
I'm trying to find a station worth hearing on my little mp3 player that doesn't have much static in it.  So far.. well, I'm not giving up but may soon.  I need to get my computer speakers out and plugged in so I can plug my mp3 player into it. that may help reduce some of the static.
I read over a message I sent on Saturday evening to a couple of groups, and I must have been much more tired that I first thought cause it sure was a jumbled mess. I'm going to go find it. and re write it and have it make more sense.   the parts in <<<  and >>> are the original message.
<< to Paraphrase A Song, "We has Arrived". It's an old C.W McCall song called Crispy Critters. >>
This song is based on a real event from the late 1960s, when a band of hippies rolled into Ouray  Colorado, and decided to stay.  Ouray is not that far from where my Grandfathter built his home from a chicken coop. what was once a small animal shelter it turned into a 5 bedroom home with a double car garge. The only bad part was the driveway was very, very steep. He was one of the first to have a heated driveway, just so he could get out of his home.. His wife's uncle owned the property and sold to her because they were also best friend while growing up. Anyway, back to the song...
One day about four or five years ago
We is settin' at the Conoco station
Kickin' tires, and swattin' flies,
And discussin' the State of the Union
When right out in front of the Baptist church
Come a big ol' purple school bus
Had astrological signs upon it
And thirty-five hippies and dogs inside
About half of 'em went for the courthouse lawn
And them dogs commenced on the fireplug
Rest of 'em set there starin' at us
And I says, "Roy, go get your Flit gun"
He says, "Which is the hippies? And which is the dogs?"
I says, "Beats the hell outta me, Roy."
What they was, was a bunch a' them Crispy Critters
And their leader was a space cadet
He says, "Sagittarius, we has arrived.
"Prepare to disembark, men.
"Get the incense goin' and the sitar out
"We gonna camp in the city park, man."
I says, "Boys, let me explain the situation to ya.
"A: you're gettin' me down
"And B: we got us a leash law here
"And C: you in the wrong town.
"You drop one string a' beads in that there park
"And you gonna see a whole lotta stars.
"You got fifteen seconds to get out of town, boys,
"Or we gonna blow ya ta Mars."
Well, they all got back in the purple bus
And proceeded to the city limits.
Then the telephone rang, was the swimmin' pool
Says a mess a' wild Critters was in it!
So we all got in the Marshal's Plymouth
(Which is always at the Conoco station)
Went flashin' on down to the swimmin' pool
To give them Critters a citation
By the time we arrived, it was too damn late
Them critters is all had their pants down
Them dogs was tearin' the bathhouse apart,
And they's after the fish in the fish pond!
I says, "Roy, you get the one in the silver T-shirt
"And I'll get the rest with a net.
"We gonna have a jail full a' naked Crispy Critters
"And a drip-dry space cadet."
[You've watched The Dukes of Hazzard, haven't you? C'mon, admit it; nobody's looking. Well, at this point in the song there's a short interlude which resembles a car chase on Dukes. There's banjo pickin' and yee-hawin' and a general sense of raucous abandon. Oh, yeah, and a few dog barks. It's round-up time at the swimmin' pool.]
Well, we gave 'em hell, but we lost the war
'Cause them Critters outnumbered us
So they moved in and set up camp
And they lived in that purple school bus
Six weeks later, there was nothin' in town
But eighty-four dogs and a head shop
Sellin' dried up weeds, and sunflower seeds,
And astrological postcards
Yeah, Critters took over the City Council
And the dogs all barked their brains out
And the whole damn town was Crispy Critters
And the mayor was a space cadet
<<< We got a late start. and took our time eating breakfast. Didn't leave Tuscumbia until around 10 am... We got to Dickson TN around 1pm >>>
We did get a late start. Jerry set his alarm to go off at 5 but it never went off so we ended up not getting up until 6. Of course we had to walk the dogs. round up the cats, and then put the cats in the kennels. empty the cat box and start the packing up.  Yes, I had to wait until we got up to do all of it. And Jerry was helping, as only a man can. He was good about getting out boxes for me and taping them up for me. and he did the living room.
Now I can't find a couple of things I would have known where they were if he hadn't helped me, but at least I know they are in the camper. I thought he was just going to go down the Jack's and pick up a couple of biscuits.. No, we ate at the Rocking Chair. He must like it to want to eat there before we left the area. it was good. but it was a bit tricky getting the camper turned around in the side parking lot. A sti down breakfast just takes more time, was my only issue with it. That is why it took much longer for us to leave Tuscumbia.  I had  so hoped to leave much earlier.
<<< We took "The Trace" most of the way and, as usual, It was nice. It wasn't hot, hurried or boring.. although I did fall asleep a few times, then Jerry would wake me up again.>>>
 I didn't sleep well the night before and had hoped to sleep while Jerry was driving. Several times, just as I fell asleep he would say something and I would wake back up. That may be the reason I took a 3 hour nap yesterday.  We did get in to the camp ground at 1 pm.   
<<<  The first lot he took us to, won't work for our camper. The sewer was too far for our sewer hose to reach. It's a bit cramped but we had shade trees over us.>>>
We got to the campground and was taken to a site that wouldn't work with the camper. We had to pull throughh and go to a different site that works out much better. It's lower down the line and I'm waiting for our first rain to see if we get a lot of water under the camer or not.  We are not that far from the next camper up, and with the slope of the hill, makes it seem even closer than it really is. I still need to set the extra lead up around a tire so that I can put the dog out and not have to hold onto them all the time while I'm outside.  We are right under a tree and the shade is nice. As I said above.. we will not have that much trouble keeping the camper cool in ths spot.  I told Jerry that the extra time to drive to work is well worth keeping this spot. that is, unless he hears of a camp ground closer to the job that is just as shady. and it's going to be at least 6 weeks before we can afford to move the camper again anyway. 
<<< Yippie. We finally got set up on the lot. we are not level yet, but that just takes some time for things to settle and redo. We had to run to Lowe's and pick up a 2x10 and had it cut into 8 pieces. We forgot about lunch. brought it back and have the camper "almost" level. >>>
We will have to let the camper settle and try to level it again, soon. Usually the back side seems to be lower, this time it's the front. While we were at Lowe's, and getting a piece of wood cut, I also found a step stool to use outside the door as the step we have been using for the last two years is a bit too short and I'm tired of it almost tipping out from under me. The steps only cost $14 and I consider that a deal. We brought back the wood an placed some of it under the wheels to make the camper almost level.. We had such a large breakfast and were so busy that we forgot to get a lunch.
<<< We both have been unpacking boxes, There is one more to go and it's going to wait until either tomorrow or Monday..>>>
Well, it's Monday and I do have to unpack that box. It's the last to be done though.  It's from one of the closest and after it's done I'll be able to put a tub in there, then the laundry tubs go on top of it. That one tub that goes in first is winter clothes.  Jerry was tod he needs to wear long sleeve shirts out here. We don't have that many with us. I'll have to go throuh that tub today and see if I put any in it, I don't think so, I think it's just coats.
<<<  the "plan" is to drive from here to Clarksville in the morning and see how far, and how long it takes to drive . >>>
We did do that Yesterday (Sunday) Following mapquest directions  and then having to hear Jerry stress out because the directions were off a bit. We did find where he had to go so he can find it easy this morning. It took us right at an hour to get there. It's all two lane road and some of it is 35mph and very little is 55mph.  But it's lovely county and since he's working nights at least he'll get to see it on his way into work.
<<<The animals all handled the trip well. I didn't even try putting a litter box in either kennel since both times we have tried that all they did was empty out the litter first thing and then not use it. No messes in the boxes>>>>
We didn't put any litter boxes in the kennels this time since all the cats do is scratch out the litter first thing then not use the litter or the box once they have them emptyed out.  Surprise,  neither kennel had to be washed out, this time. 
<<<. Lots of people have pets here. Oh, there's a swimminhg pool here. Got to find out if my swim suit still fits or not. And I plan on doing lots of walking since all the roads are shaded. That is going to help me feel so much better. >>>
We had thought of going to the pool yetserday (Sunday) but I fell asleep and forgot. Jerry never really said if he wanted to get into the pool or not. I'll be going up to the office after a bit and checking out a few things. Like what do they sell and all about getting into the pool. I will not go alone since I can't swim. But it's nice to know it's there for us if we want it. And with Jerry working nights he may want to get in for a few mintues before leaving for work.  Jerry and I eack walked a dog yesterday afternoon, after my nap, and saw more of the campground. We've been taking a long way out and found a road going out that is closer to the camper. That will make it easier for him to leave for work.  My plan it to walk the dogs to some woods nearby. let them do what they got to do, then take a walk along the roadss when I can, once I get the camper cleaned up again.
<<<<While at Lowe's, I found the fire pit we wanted, on sale. Drats, It's going to be a couple of weeks at least before we can get it. Don't need a big one, just large enough to break the chill in the evenings after Jerry gets home since there is not cable here. We can get dish or Driectv. But we need to take care of a couple of bills before we can do either one of those. I'm not sure we can get a signal through the trees here. That's ok, I can catch up on my "show" from the internet easy enough and we have a few dvd's we can watch. >>>>
I meant to say, that if we get the fire pit, ,we can sit around it when Jerry is home. since it's so nice outside. We don't have cable to the sites here, and if we want to watch T.V. we will have to get our own dish set up. We want to do that, but it's going to have to wait until we get a couple of bills paid off first. As long as I have internet, I can catch the one soap I lile to watch and hopefully we will have somethinh set up by the time the new season statts up. All we are watchinh is reruns anyway. We have a few DVD's with us that we can watch.. Sure we've seen them all, but that's ok as well. We did look for a redbox and found it, but I'm surprised that Jerry didn't look for anything to watch last night.
Now, I hope that clears up any confusion my note on Saturday made..
Outside my door ... It's been much cooler than where we were in Tuscumbia.  Dickson R.V park has lots of shade trees. And so far, keeping the camper cooler has not been a problem. We have yet to put the air unit back in the window. We may not need to, here. It's going to be another nice sunny day here and I really need to get out and walk the dogs a few times.
The Dogs ... I just put some dry cat food in the treat ball and they wore themselfs out rolling it around to get the treats out of it. Both are alreayd back asleep.
The Cats ... have had their early morning rough houseing play and are now just laying around, looking for me to put some food down for them.. They still have plenty in their bowls. I still have to put them in kennels when I take the dogs out so they don't try to "excape" when we come back to the camper. I'm thinkingg of pulling all the shades out of the windows this morning and letting some fresh air in for awhile. I know that I'll have to put the shades back in the bedroom area, at least, when Jerry starts working nights.
From the kitchen... We only bought sandwich makings this week. I do have a couple of cans of chili I can add to either Mac and Chees or maybe bake up a couple of potatos and have the chili over them for a couple of dinners. Either sounds good right now. I'll have to make up some Jell-o for dessert today.
I am hearing... We are clos enough to I-40 that I can hear the traffic on it. I have the music player on my computer playing right now.. I'll be editing a few items I'm sure.
I am wearing... right this second, my blue dress, after I shower, I'll be wearing black shorts and a stained white t-shirt for the day. that's my work clothes for cleaning the camper.
I am reading... emails. I hope to send off a couple of recipes here in a bit as well.
I am creating... I have to finish up a couple of craft items and get them ready to send off for a swap. I'll post pictures once they have arrived and been seen first.
One of my favorite things... Knowing that Jerry is happy.  He posted something on Facebook not that long ago that I found and pasted to mine as well. about being married married to your best friend.
A few plans for the rest of the week... Just taking care of Jerry and the pets.
Billie C.

"Life is simply a collection of memories...but memories are like starlight...they live forever." C. W. McCall

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