Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day, USA

Hello.  Happy Independence Day

I know it's been a few days since I wrote in any thing. Sorry  but Hubby
has been off work for 4 days. All for the holiday. It looks like we  might
have some rain this evening. At least that will cool things off for a bit. 
There upper 90's are not pleasant to me. Not at all.  I'm have been lucky  in
that Hubby has been taking the dogs out in the heat of the day. That's cause 
he smokes and he's taking care of two things at once.

He had to put his mattress outside because Macon peed on it  this morning. 
We were not later than usual getting up so we have no idea  why he did that
unless he was dreaming of peeing and woke up doing it. Luckily  it was just
the bedding that got wet. 

We had egg sandwiches for breakfast and peanut butter on  crackers for lunch
. Not sure if we are going to just have cold sandwiches  tonight or if I'm
going to cook up something just yet. I better find out soon as  it's already
5:30. We don't have a grill with us or we would cook outside today.
My sinuses are draining and I'm sneezing.. that means more  trips to the
bathroom cause when I sneeze, I wee.. not fun.

We got the laundry done last night, it stayed out in the van  over night.
I've put away Jerry's stuff and my stuff but not the miscellanies  stuff and
the cats have found their way into that tub. They managed to make one  tub
fall off the bed, this moring and the looks on their faces when they cam 
crawling out from under it was priceless. Too bad I didn't have a camera on
them  at the time.


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