Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 12

Hello. Not a lot going on around here, today. I got the minumn done this morning, then went back to bed for a couple of hours. Beth called. Just catching me up on what's going on there with her.  She was having some issues with her phone and on one of those times we lost connection, I took the dogs out. She called while we were out and I let the dogs play and jump and roll while we were talking. I had a couple of people that were leaving watching the dogs and watching me. I think they finally realized I was on the phone cause they then turned and went about their busness.  It's not as steamy as it was yesterday but it's still misserable out there. Of course, this time I was wearing one of the neck coolers and that sure does help.  Beth found out she can wear a bandana over her hair at work as long as she has a hairnet over it. That's good cause then if she's getting sweaty she can pull the bandana down a bit and keep the sweat out of her eyes.  It will also help reduce her headaches from having her hair pulled so tight in a bun, as well.  There are times I will switch from a bun to wearing a bandana because my head will ach from the pulling all the time.
As usuall.. I really can't pack up much of anything until the last minute. Every thing is in it's place. It would all be in our way of getting around if I packed it right now. About the only thing I can do is take the breakable off the shelf over the couch. I know I said I needed to do that yeterday but forgot by mid afternoon. Instead I made the first of two curtains I know I'm going to need so Jerry can sleep.
The dogs and cats are behaving, for once.  After a bit of run amuck this morning, they have all laid down and gone to sleep. I found a ball under the couch and got the dogs to play a few minutes with it, before they both said "ugg" and laid down. It's too hot outside to play and its to small inside to play. 
Lunch is a slice of cheese, 1/2 of a sliced tomoato and a handfull of chips. Dinnere will be sandwiches with lettuce and a tomato slice, chips and something from the freezer for dessert. We will have flavored water. Lots and lots of flavored water.
This is Tuesday so I know what we are going to do tonight. Watch T.V.  NCIS. NCIS LA. and then what ever is on after that.
Of course it's a shorts day.  I'm wearing my red shorts and another stained white t shirt. I've spent part of the morning reading emails. That is when I wasn't sleeping.

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