Friday, July 29, 2011

For Today... July 29, 2011

Good Morning... As usual. I headed back to bed once Jerry left for work.  And now, of course, I feel like I'm behind in my daily upkeep of the camper.  I have taken care of the animals needs right off.. you know.. cat box and walks outside. putting down water and food for them. That water dish is in constant need of re filling. But then, with 2 dogs and 4 cats, it's a bit on the small side. When the bowl is empty.. Rocky will turn it over.  Strips will sit in it and meow.  The others come look at me and then at the bowl.  Macon will sit at the door and look over his shoulder at me if he needs to go out. a silent sigh maybe.  Rocky is much better. He comes and gets on the edge of the couch, gets in my face and gives a little bark. That's what I need for him to do to. That gets my attention that he needs to go out. That silent sitting at the door just doesn't always get read as a need to go out.. Now, when Jerry is home.  Macon just comes up to him and slowly tries to crawl into his lap. Mind you, Macon is a large dog and watching him trying to make himself small while getting in Jerry's lap is very funny.
I have been thinking about what things my grand daughter and I can make while they are here for a couple of days. I know the colored Modge Podge is one thing.  Coffee flilter flower is another project she will love. She loves flowers. Not so sure about sewing up something.  We can walk around with sacks and pick up pine cones and bring them back and do something with them as well.  Mom is going to need a nap when they get here. She said something about leaving almost straight from work to get here. after working all night and a 3 hour drive, she's really going to need that sleep.There's a table behind the camper that I'm sure we can sit at and do things while Mom's sleeping. Oh, that reminds me, I need to pick up a couple of plastic small glasses for the kids to drink out of. Hum... I might best pick up a box of tissues while I'm at it.
Netiher kids likes to eat vegetables. So I'm not sure just what we will be having for dinners each night.  I understand they both like chicken nuggets. and hamburgers.Mom isn't sure if they will eat beans or not. As she said. there is always a peanut butter sandwich. 
Oh, MOM if your reading this.... if you have any Easter Eggs, please bring a few with you, please.
Outside my door ...  it's over cast but still very warm.  it's going in to the low 90's today, and that's considered cooler.  By the end of next week we will be very close to 100 for a couple of days. But then, it's August so it is suppose to be hot.  I think I know why people take a vacation in mid summer. They are looking for cooler places to go for a few days. Up in the mountains, or go jump in the ocean, or just finding a different hot place that isn't home.  Mom told me, that in the worst heat of summer. Grandpa Chowning would set the beds outside under the persimmon trees and then cover them with netting to keep the bugs off while every one slept, outside. She said it was almost like camping.
The Dogs ... are loving the early morning walk and the after the sun is down but still some light out walks. The rest of the walks are "get it done then hurry back inside".
The Cats ... are wondering when they will get their next can of catfood added to the dry food they get every day. We had to take away the canned for for a bit because we just didn't have the money for it. Now they get a can every other day. Of course they are still practicing their nija moves,, jumping bed to bed, from the counter onto each other and then racing into the front of the camper and seeing who can stop the closest to me, without touching me. or better yet. tag me then run off before I can squirt them with the water bottle.
From the kitchen... I think Jerry is going to pick up something on his way home.  if not, then sandwiches/
I am hearing... got the tv on, as usuasl.  A fan is blowing on me and the overhead air is on low, for now.
I am wearing... jean shorts and a white tshirt.  Oh, I finally found out where the laundry room is, here at the campground. it's by the office, inside.  6 washers and 4 dryers. I would still need a wagon to get all the laundry up there. I don't know where Jerry will want me to do it this week, yet.
Billie C.

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