Tuesday, July 19, 2011

For Today... July 19, afternoon

Hello, I'm running a bit behind in my chores today. I did get Jerry off to work or rather orentation, on time. But I went back to bed and didn't get up until almost 9am.  Of course the first thing I had to  do was take the dogs out and take them for a short walk.
when we got back I had to let the cats out of the kennels, again.  A bit later, I had to put the cats back into the kennels so the dogs and I could walk again. This time, I had to walk to the top of a short hill so I coule put some things in the mail box. I've only now finished up the back 1/2 of the camper with the bathroom straighted up and the beds made up. I took down the piece of fleece I hemed last week and put it on my bed while the un-hemmed piece is on Jerry's bed. He's not going to be working nights. Yea !!.  I like how both beds now match, even if the fleece is too short for the beds as well as for hanging up in the doorways.. Ah...well..  I'm sure if I buy more fleece in the right length, I can use what I have here to make pillow cases (will be sooo soft when I do that) and then use what's left from that for covers for the open spaces over the beds and in the bathroom. That is, unless I find more polyester curtains to go with the two I have over the tub already. and make all that match up nicely.  Yeah, next time I'm getting the fleece cut in at 6 1/2 foot sections. I'll need four for what I want done.  two for the beds and two for door way curtains. 
Ah. Shade... we have lots of Shade. even though yesterday's high was in the low 90's I was able to stay comfortable with the over head air on low cool. We have a small problem that Jerry can fix this weekend. The camper is a bit lower in front than in back and we have a small break in the back of the bathtub. Since we both shower and not sit in the tub, usually the water doesn't flow out the hole and goes down the drain like it should. Well that's because the back is usually lower than the front when we get the camper leveled.. This lot is so hard to get the camper level on though. I'm sure I'll hear about it from Jerry while he's working on it.
I've started a pot of pinto beans. I may have to drain off some of the water when I'm ready to add a can of chili to it. We just don't like plain beans. It's got to have some meat in it. Chili has enough meat to meet that need. I started them before 10 so they should be ready by the time Jerry gets home tonight. No idea how long he's going to be today. He was home right around 7 last night. Fouund out this job is going to be even longer than he was first told.  It's a 3 to 10 year job.  So... give us a few weeks and we may be looking for a house to rent. We can take our time looking though cause there are a few things I want in a place... like room for some chickens. I really miss my chickens and the horses. May find a place large enough I can get a couple of those as well (wishful thinking) Needs a yard for the dogs, of course. I think I'll go look on Craig's list for anything to rent around here.
I'm in a house cleaning mood today. I've been straightening up my corner while I had Y&R on my computer. At least I'm caught up until today on it. I'm just not intrested enough to watch "The Bold and the Beautiful" or "the View" as well.
I now have my mp3 player hooked to my computer speakers so I can have a radio on while I do the rest of my chores.
The dogs like it here. We walk more. They have their own place they want to potty and we have to ho over there at least twice a day. Yesterday, while we were walking down the dirt road where the trash and brush gets tossed, we started a Deer. All I saw was a tawny tail disappearing in the woods. Of course the dogs wanted to follow it, and I had a bit of a time telling them, NO. Finally they realized that it was long gone and that they were not going to get to chase it.  The Cats love that the shields are not in all the windows. They go from window to window looking out. I'm guessing they want to find the birds that they can hear.
I had to step outside for a few minutes before I started writing this and man is it hot outside. I put a wash rag over the back of my chair and some bamboo skewers outside on the chair to dry. I dyed them a dark green.  Opps. they are for a craft exchange so I better not say what they are for, just yet.
It's a shorts day, for sure. I'm wearing dark grey shorts and a light purple flowered top today. I have a light blue bandana covering my hair. I still need to brush it out. I may walk up to the office here in a bit and ask when the pool closes. I think Jerry would like to jump in for a bit.
I have over 400 emails just from yesterday and today. I saved all the ones from earlier this week to read later. We have had some trouble with the wifi here. It's not as good as we were told it was, but it's good enough that I can get on each day and read emails and go to most of the websites I visit often.
Billie C.

"Life is simply a collection of memories...but memories are like starlight...they live forever." C. W. McCall

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