Tuesday, July 5, 2011

For Today... July 5, 2011

Good Morning...Jerry had 4 days off for the holiday and I was not able to keep a journal of the time.
We did do some Geo Cache looking. Found a few more. I still need to log those finds into my account. Found one we had looked for, before.
Friday, Jerry got a call he's been waitnig for, from Fagon.  We may be on the road next weekend since this job pays better and has per deim.  At first it will be working nights.. well from 3 pm to 2 am, but that's ok, we no longer have any kids at home and the animals sleep most of the time anyway. Sleeping through most of the heat of the day this way as well.  Of course, I'll be up most of the day, anyway. and can sleep while he's working. I'll just have to do the noisy parts of house keeping, after he goes to work. The noisy things such as vacuming and doing dishes.  Jerry's been searching for campgrounds and R.V. parks in the area. I did tell him that WiFi is very important this time.  This looks like a 1 to 3 year job. If it looks like that and if rents are reasonable in the area we will look for a house to rent for a bit.
The weather is hot, as is normal for this time of year in the south. That means shorter walks for the dogs, no matter who is taking them out. Luckily the dogs much prefer to sleep with it's this hot out.  The cats are also enjoying longer napt times. /we finally got the laundry done on Sunday, and every time I went past the one last basket of things to put away, there was at least one cat in it.  It's mostly some rags, the socks and some towels in that tub. 
Macon is in trouble. He peed on the bed Monday morning. Not sure why it is, but that's the second time he's done that. Each time is when we place the board between the beds and make one large bed. So next time we make the big bed, he's going to sleep in a kennel. 
For dinner today, I'm going to fix Hamburger in something.. Either make beefy rice, or add it to tomato sauce and have it over noodles or in Mac and Cheese. Salad is always fixed. At least the weather isn't going to be as hot so I can cook wihtout over heating the camper too much. Cooler meaning lower than 95F.. closer to 90F.  I'm thinking of making Jell-o with Pineapple in it, for dessert. I could just go with banana as I have two that need using up soon.
We did get to watch some of the fireworks last night. As first we grabbed our chairs and headed to the edge of the grass to the east of the area all the campers park.. within 3 minutes we were headed back to the camper.  We were being eating alive with mosquetoes. Yikes we both still have welts left over from their feasting on un last night. Jerry said. Let's get in the van, drive to the edge and sit in the air conditioning.. Good idea. Not that we were hot, but it kept the bugs off of us. Then Jerry had to walk the dogs before going to bed.  I was taking care of the cats while he was taking care of the dogs. At times last night,  we were hearing fireworks just outside the camp groud. I do miss firing off our own fireworks at times. There were a few people here who were firing out fireworks. I was surprised as most R.V. parks and Campground forbid them. but then again... the owner wasn't here, he doesn't live on site. I'm sure though, that when he reviews some of his security camera's he's going to see that someone was setting off fireworks close to his propane tank. It's one of those that holds about 300 pounds of propane. I'm glade we moved the van over there when we did, since that made them move off away from the tank to another area of the grass to finish off their fireworks.
I am wearing. Well, right now my blue house dress.  Once I get some cleaning up done, I'll be taking my shower and then it will be a stained up white tshirt that altough it's stained, it's clean, and some shorts.  I bought 5 white tshirts not that long ago and had hoped to keep at least 2 from being stained so I could craft with them.. oh well.... I'll be buying more before too much longer. This time I will be painting or cutting or both on them.
While I was washing up the blankets from where Macon had peed on them, I picked up a book from the small library in the launddry room. It's Starefire, by Paul Preuss. It's a Science Fiction. I hope to read it by the end of this week.
Wel, I need to get up from the comptuter and clean the camper before it starts to get too hot to move in here, again. this afternoon, I need to work on a card project that I am going to put in a card challenge, and then work on another project that involves the letter "C". first time for both. Not the makeing of the card, but putting it into a challenge.
Oh, I did hear from Beth over the weekend. She's doing well, but stressing because they have not moved into their own home yet. She is also getting some flack about what she's eating and or not eating from those around her. She's not eating Junk food as much. She maybe could go picl up commidies and also go pick up from a food hand-out that is close by. But, as she said, this time of year most of the fresh food is all but trash by the time it's delevered and she doesn't have time to deal with getting the good out of the bad before it's tained as well. and it takes hours to get a number, then wait for the food to arraive, then wait while it's set up to hand out, then stand in line while someone gets your number, then walk down the line and pick up. of course, if your need it, you can go through twice.  For a $5.00 bill, though.. sometimes it's just not worht it.  Use to be you got some meat and some bread but from my understanding, there hasn't been much meat in the last couple of years and most of the bread is either squished or moldy. 
Jerry is suppose to call me around noon to let me know if he heard from that other job he wants to go to. If he has, then the rest of this week will be prepacking for moving the camper.

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