Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011.


Good Morning... Yesterday was David's Birthday, Jerry spoke to him on the phone.  I wanted to talk to him, but David was trying to get some sleep before going in to work last night. Maybe next time, right?
We had a nice weekend even if it did start with stress.  Money was getting tight, and Jerry was going to need every thing we had, just to get back and forth to work. His check didn't get to Heather's until Saturday. I had suggested on Friday to him, that instead of her putting it in the mail and it taking another 4 days to get here, that we just use what little we had, and go get it. He could ( and did) cash it there. We didn't leave here until Heather called that it was in. We cashed in all our change and  we have just over $75 dollars worth of change between the two of us. Now, that would have taken care of us, I think, but it was better to go get his check. We really had a nice visit with Heather and the kids. I finally got my box of clothes that I had ordered and yep, as I figured. The jumps are too small for me and they are XXX.  Oh well. if I don't loose weight, I can always send them to the Auction next year. I didn't try on the Chemis yet, but it looks large enough. Not sure on the apron as of yet, either. The ties are a bit short but I can extend them.
We left here around Noon and got there a bit after 3 pm. We left there at almost 9 pm and got home before midnight. Jerry and I watched Twister (again) to wind down from the drive back. We were almost in a wreck just after we passed through Nashville. A truck passing us, lost a tire and he was all over the place. I don't know how he manges but he missed us. he lost the tire on the back driver's side. Jerry said there were sparks flying every where.  We would have stopped to help but there wasn't a good place to stop along that stretch of road.
I have a couple of apron kits that I picked up from a sale at Wal-mark and I have one cut out. I think I'll put it together and send it to Bailey. She sure looked like she wanted the apron I had. She's getting to be such a grown up little lady, now. She loves to wear dresses and was showing me all her new clothes for school. Corbin is finally figuring out that we are kin. He did more talking this time than he's ever done with us before. Both kids loved playing with the dogs and both dogs were worn out by the time we left Heather's home.
Once Corbin figured out the dogs just wanted to "kiss" him, (YUCK) he would run then call the dogs to follow him. then run because they were following him.  after a few minutes of running and me watching Rocky to be sure he would behave, I gave Corbin Rocky's lead. Bailey already had Macon's lead (he''s better about not pulling as hard) and we let the kids run to the neighbors trailer and back. Corbin didn't know to let go and got tripped up once by Macon and Rocky's leads being tangled and i had to tye Rocky up and go to him. He was ok, just knocked down. But he got a bit upset that I had tied Rocky back up. Next time he fell, Rocky went to him cause he was crying and he got up quick and stopped crying. He grabbed Rocky's lead and started running again I think he figured that Rocky was in trouble when he falls down. It was fun watching the kids and dogs running around like that. Bailey so wants a dog. but I did explain to her just how much work a dog can be, especally when you get them as a puppy cause you have to teach them every thing. Like train them to go outside to potty. and that you have to pick it up, once they do potty. (another YUCKY) how they don't know sit, lay or roll over, they have to be taught that.  Macon and Rocky both were rolling in the grass when we got them out of the van. The grass had been cut only a couple of days before and I guess, to the dogs, it was a natural High to roll and roll. I was surprised at how much Rocky did roll in the grass as he usually just sits and watches Macon roll.  This afternoon/evening I want to walk the dogs outside the rv park and let them roll in the grass/weeds at the Driver's testing building. Macon rolled there the other day.  it's away from the rv park by only a few feet.  All I find around here are brush and rocks and sting weed.
We came back to a mess in the camper. Somehow, the cats managed to knock the tv off the DVD player and it was in the floor and damp from where it had hit the water dish. I'm guessing the cats were chasing a bug for that to have happened.  They are still trying their luck today with me. I would think they would learn by now that they just get locked up when they start getting into things.
Outside my door ...  here it is, just a bit past 10:3o and it's 83F outside with a fells like tempature of 91F.  According to The Weather Channel for desktop. It's overcast outside and it's muggy. I was wet from walking the dogs after taking them to potty in the woods.
From the kitchen...Salad, Hot dogs, Mac and Cheese. I'm not sure, yet, how I'm going to fix the hot dogs. I like them fried in the skillet and Jerry seems to prefer them boiled.  Since they are not the all beef dogs, I think I'll fry them anyway.
I am hearing...  The air conditioner and the fan on the shelf next to me. No tv. no radio... I have mis placed my MP3 player (that or the cats had fun with it) and I miss my noise. I may play some of the music I have on this comptuer here in a bit.
I am wearing...  cut off sweat pant shorts and a stained up white t-shirt. My "cleaning house" clothes. it's a mess in here and I really need to finish this up and get started on my housework today.
I am reading... emails
I am creating... I do need to put the finishing touches on a couple of "C" items and get them ready to mail off this next weekend.
One of my favorite things...  visiting with Heather and the kids. She is hoping to come here and rent one of the cabins for a few days before summer is over with.

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