Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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For Today... June 13, 2011
Good Morning. I hope you slept well. I had three night mares last night. woke up at 1 am.. again at 3 am and last one was just befor we were to wake up anyway. Good thing on that last one, cause the alarm on Jerry's phone didn't go off. Wait, it did go off... At 5:30 when he though he had it set for 5:30.  (ha ha) He still would not have been late.  I forgot just how hard it is to slice frozen sausage. I need to get up from here and see if it's soft enough to slice. (Back in a few)
There, That's done. I'll have to make some Jello for our dinner soon. Don't want to heat up the camper to much later in the morning if I don't have to.
That first nightmare I mentioned, I had to go pee anyways but strang thing is, I ended up with a nose bleed as well. That's not good. I've been haveing a nose bleed a few days a week. Not big ones, just enough to be noticed, most of the time.
The trip here was un-eventful for the most part. The cats got a bit too hot but recovered well once we got the air turned on. they always complain when we travel. Rocky had to "Insist" before Jerry would pull off so they could walk and that was a very quick stop. out, pee, back in, back on the road.
We have a 5% chance of rain today... Whoopie !!.
(I have the local morning news on)
Today, I'll do my normal daily routine with a few changes added to it. Matter of fact, It's time for me to go clean that bathroom up. Back in a few.
Today's dinner will be Ham, baked potatoes, salad, Jello w Banana in it.
I just started the Jell-o

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