Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 30

Good Morning... Not a lot going on right now.  The loose dog is outside and my dogs are Oof-ing at it. The cats are running window to door and back again watching that dog, as well. Also two of the cats have found a cricket. They are watching it, jumping when it jumps and then looking for the dog. Of course then the cricket will move and they turn their attention back to it. I take the dogs out while Jerry is finishing up his breakfast. He'll then take out the trash I've bagged up and will drive over to the trash bin. Stopping near where I walk the dogs for his kiss.  today the dogs were faster and he was slower and so we kissed before he started the van. The dogs thought they were going to go for a ride. (Ah) the men with the dog, just left. Not sure if they took him with them, or left him in one of their campers. The cats are still lined up at a window, looking for it.
The sun was just above the horizon when I took the dogs out and still in the hazy parts of the sky, turning it all oranges and pinks and a bit of purple before clearing the last of the clouds along the horizon. Soon enough, I'll be out before the sun comes up, and I'll miss that part of mornings. Already the sun is up enough that everything I see outside had that touch of Morning gold to it. Expecally the leaves high on in the trees at the edge of the property along the roadway. Yesterday was grass mowing day around here. Not that the grass has much time to grow because I think it's moved each week, wether or not it grew that week.. anyway. While walking the dogs last night, through the fresh mowed grass, Macon just could not resist and rolledd and rolled, and rolled yet again, Before we even got to a place he could potty. On our way back, he was rolling again and again. I'm guessing he loves the smell of the grass as well. Then, he had to tackle Rocky.  Rocky was ready for him, though and they have a good time with running as wild as being on leads will let them, then tackeling each other and doing other Dog Play stuff on our way back to the camper.
Today is payday, do we will be eating out. I asked Jerry if he knew where he wanted to eat and he didn't know. We ate at "The Rocking Chair" which is just across the 72 Highway from the road to the R.V. park.  I had their pork chops the other day and they are very good. Jerry had the pulled Pork BBQ and said it was good. We had breakfast there on Sunday morning and we both had a platefull of good food.
I hand washed out a couple of things yesterday so that I could put of doing laundry until tomorrow. I just washed out two white t-shirts, one for each of us, and some socks for Jerry. I hope to pick up a package of socks for him this weekend.  I still to change my clothes for the day, I'm wearing yesterdays shorts and top that I tossed on this morning to walk the dogs.
Billie C.

"A man's life always starts today. Every morning is a beginning, a fresh start, and a man needn't be hog-tied to the past. Whatever went before, a man's life can begin now, today." --Louis L'Amour

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