Sunday, June 12, 2011

Geocach finds

You can see the magnets taped to this cache that only holds a log. It was attached to a guard rail behind a store near the mall in Tupelo.

Can you see the Cache in this holly bush??
It's a plastic pill bottle wrapped in Camo Duck Tape.,
It's a mini cache. It has a log sheet in it. bring your own pen.

This cache is along the Natchez Trail. A path used when the Mississippi River was used to move many goods down to a "Free" port to ship over to Europe and Spain. Once the goods were delivered. The people had to get back home somehow. The current was too much to try to Pole a craft back up-river, so Instead. leaving their boats behind, and buying a couple of horses they would take the "Trace" back north.

Jerry and I found several neat caches while we were in Tupelo Mississippi.

This box was in the stump behind one of the indian sites along the Trace. The contents were soaked though as some animal had tried to chew it's way in to see if anything worth eating was inside.

Can you see where the cache is in the above picture? See that dark spot near the bottom of the pole? That's the cache. It's a pill bottle covered in black tape. It holds a log where as the other cache about it held some small trinkets as well as a log.

As you can see by this cache. Many can be hiden in very public but out of sight places. This one is under a table at a park near the interstate in Tupelo. We walked past it several times before we found it. We were looking in the bushes and around the edges of the fencing for it. never reailzing it was lager than a nano. It's a Mini.

Yep. it's a candy tin. Jerry and I enjoy Altoids and I save the tines for all sorts of uses. Mini sewing kits, One holds some char cloth for my fire-starting kit in my "possibles" bag.

I saw a neat idea of placing a couple of strong magnets inside and then placing it on the fridge for those small items you don't want to lose. or a pen and paper so it's always at hand.

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