Tuesday, June 14, 2011

For Today... June 14, 2011. Flag Day

This "coin" was in one of the Geo Caches we found in Jackson Alabama. We didn't keep it, but I wanted a picture of it.

Macon, watching Jerry walking and looking for a Geo Cache


Hello. Happy Flag Day.. do you put a flag out? I have a flag but don't have it out today. Usually I have a flag out but I don't have a flag holder. I was going to "Paint" one as a window cling, but the paint is over $3 a bottle and that was $9 to $12 I just didn't want to spend while Jerry was not working (blue, red, white and Gold)

I hope to have the stuff to make one by July 4th. Jerry should have 4 days off, since it falls on a Monday this year. But will have to work the following Friday. We can deal with that. When I went to take the dogs out on first potty this morning. A man in one of the pull through sites had his dog out, without a lead on it.. I saw him before I let my dogs out, and told him I was about to bring out my two dogs. He picked up his poodle mix and took it inside. they were out of here by the time I walked the dogs at 10am. Some people just don't get it that, when you are in an R.V. park or Motel that you really need your dogs on a lead. It's as much to protect their dog as any thing else. I never "assume" that all dogs have been vacinated, and or "fixed" Mine have the basic shots, but only since I got them fixed. The cats all have had their shots as well. But it's as much to control your animal in a strange enviroment as anything.. Where is that nice cute pet going to run if it's suddenly frightened? If it's not use to the R.V. being "Home" it may run off across a field or toward a busy road. (off my soap box)

After doing "busness" Macon did his usual and found a wet spot in the grass to roll. He loves to roll in the grass. Rocky just sits there and watches him do it. After his roll, though, Macon wanted to play and get a bit rough this time with Rocky. Rocky put him back in his place quickly. while we were out and it was still relitivly cool, I walked around the outer edge of the park. I need to take my camer with me when I go out. Weeds to be sure, but they are still pretty.

It's hot here today but not as hot as it was over the weekend. Jerry finally "heard" me and plugged the window unit into the box outside. I had to go out and reset the breaker twice yesterday. I turned off the hot water tank and no more haveing to go do that. 30 amps verses 50. I hope that, one of these days we can afford a camper that the power system can handle everything.


Outside my door ... We woke up to fog this morning. a low fog, but still. now it's sunny and hot outside. I have both air's working hard right now. and it's comfortable inside. The dogs and I will have to take another walk here in a little bit.


The Dogs ... after their morning romp, are sleeping on the beds. It was so warm yesterday, that when I would ask them to "sit" Rocky would sit, then pop back up.. It's hot on the ground Mom.. He forgot to turn around and put his bottom on my shoe, I guess.


The Cats ... are in kitty jail today. They were running rampant and just would not settle down. Every time I get up to clean, they are right in my way or getting into things I just put away.


From the kitchen... Chicken, Rice, Salad, Pudding


I am hearing... got the T.V. on but am thinking of turning it off and turning on a radio for a bit. After "The Talk" went off yesterday, I didn't find anything of intrest to watch.


I am wearing... Maroon shorts and a white tshirt top.

I am reading... emails today.

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