Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 28

Good Morning , or what's left of it anyway.  I was going to do the laundry yesterday evening. Well that didn't happen. As one person was finishing up, another was starting their laundry. I went back to the van and told Jerry, I'll do it tomorrow. I'll meet him at the washhouse, and let him come on home to the camper and get some rest before dinner. which is going to be easy. Opps. I'll be right back, got to start it. I cooked two hamburger patties in the foreman grill this morning. I'll cut them into small pieces and add to some tomato sauce in the crockpot or a few hours.  Not sure if I'll fix shells or noodles to go with it. Will deal with that choice later.
We are getting rain today. Lots of rain. According to the T.V.  we have over 4 inches of rain so far.
I was lucky to have walked the dogs just before it started casue Rocky really, really does not like getting wet. Not at all.  The Cats are back in Kitty jail. The last straw was one of them spilling the keys to the kennel all over the floor. They had made a really nasty mess in both last night and I had to wash both out. Got one done, had to put two in the kennel, but I  Let them out and cleaned the other kennel, was letting it dry when they thought they needed to be into everything in the living room area. Argh.. what a mess.
Last night, I had my arm jerked by the dogs, trying to "Meet" the loose dog next door.  I told the men that I didn't know what our dogs would do if they met another dog. Most of the time they are ok, but Macon had a problem with one of Beth's dogs so I have to take extra care when he meets another dog. I'll admit though, Beth's dog was the one that started it. Sam just didn't like Macon at all and would try to attack him any time we took him out. 
Do you have any plans or the 4th yet?  The only plan is maybe finding a local firesworks display. Jerry may have to work both next Monday and the Friday after that. Over time, yes.. holiday time, nooo.  Ah well, we are together and that is all that really truly matters for us.

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