Sunday, June 26, 2011

Geo Cache Weekend findings

We had a nice, wet weekend. Rain late enough in the day to cool things off and not just make things misserably humid.
I "know" I was in the right area for this one but I just could not see it. I tried and tried to find it. Jerry found it on his second look in the area and even pointed it out to me and I still could not see it in the much around the bushes here. We got hot just before we stopped for the day at this last stop at the top of the bluffs over looking the river. Got home, got the dogs a walk, then back in before the bottom fell out of the clouds in the sky.

going backwards. This was the last one we found, today June 26. It is at a river over-look.. A great view off the bluffs over the Tennessee river

next to last cache. The only clue was "rectangle" and the title of Printer's alley. Jerry looked and looked. I "played" tourest and took a picture of the local history sign. (will post later) we moved the van, and I said I'd go look for it. I walked down the side of a building, and along the ground are 4 rectangle sized blocks. Don't know their puprose. But when the GPS showed me right on top of it, No block on the ground. I looked up.. and there it was. Jerry said he walked right past it, twice. There was a small piece of gum in the conatiner and I tossed it out. Not suppose to put in anything that will attract bugs and mint gum is good for attracting ants.

S.S. minnow is the title of the one above. Jerry and I had to work as a team to get this one out. Someone had pushed it into the boat and out of reach. we could see it, but we couldn't reach it. We found a couple of fallen tree sticks on the ground and used them together, Him over the top, me though the hole to work it out to where we could reach it. We didn't push it back as far when we put it back in place.

Our next looking was a bust. There are three around the Hellen Keller Hospital but we only found two of them. We will check on the third one again later, when we've both had time to review all the clues again.

This is the second of three around the hospital. It's on the underneith side of one of the signs. Jerry was looking and I was looking and I spotted it first. Getting it out, that was fun.. those magnets are really strong.

Ah, this was the first of the three around the Hellen Keller Hospital. It was place in honor of the birth of a child back in 04 (If I recall right).. It's under the metal skirt on a lamp post. I was able to find this one before Jerry got out of the van. A lucky guess on my part as much as anything.

These next finds are from yesterday, June 25. It was a hot day, and we only looked for a few. We started around 8 am and were finished by 11 as we were both getting hot.

This is called "Juniper" and is in the middle of some Juniper trees along a power line right of way. I found some intresting wine or burbone bottles that, if I come up with a craft, I may go back and get them. This was suppose to be up in the tree but was found by Jerry on the ground. He put it back in the tree before we left. I took pictures of the wild flowers around this site and will post them in another post.

This one has the wrong title to it, I think.. it's over my head and out of my reach. Jerry is 5ft 10in and it was almost out of his reach as well. I'm pointing to it, can you see it? The title is "Just hanging Around". the clue stated along the fence.. no fence just pole left from one.

Subway Lights. Behind a local Subway is a long driveway with three light poles. This one was under the first pole. It's on the other side of the building that "Just Hanging Around" is on. Jerry beat me to the find on this one.

We had to take a bit of a walk in the woods for this find. At a local park, which is beside a creek. Behind the tennis court, that no longer has any nets in it. Up a steep but short hill. down the other side, up another one and across a bit of a ridge,, under a small tree. I walked right past it toward a differnt small tree when Jerry spotted this one.

Belle Mont. It was up inside the pole behind the sign. Jerry had to chase out a bee that was trying to make a nest before he could sign our names to it. I'll post the sign in another post, soon.

Our first find of the day. "Pump It Up". I was thinking it would be in town near either a health club or an car radip place. Nope, it's out in the middle of now where on the back corner of the fence. Jerry found it right off.

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