Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jun 21

June 21,
Summer Soltice. First Day of Summer (Offical)
Hello. I do hope you have had a great day.  I've gotten most of my camper cleaned. Only, I had to take my mattries off My bed because we have rain and that window leaks onto my bed. I'm going to have to figure out a way keep that from happening.
I did get as much of the house work done as I had planned on and also made a couple of "crafty" items as well. I did them while Y%R was on.  I'll post them down below.
With all this rain, I'm surprised that Jerry isn't home early. We had lightening and thnuder and that will usually stop a job. Will find out why not, when he gets home, tonight
The family behind us moved out. I know he was looking for a job, but I didn't find out where they have gone. I didn't even know they were leaving until I took the dogs out at 2 and they were gone. The Pop-up beside us also left. I kinda figured it was going to leave when I saw it all folded up at 10 am when I took the dogs out. It was so hot then that the dogs just wanted to go pee then come back in. when we went out at 4:30 they both wanted to play. Read about that below, as well as what the cats have been up to.
It's almost 5:30 and I turned off the air and opened the door. Man that feels soo good. I'm cooking with my rice cooker and Foreman Grill so wanted to reduce the electrialcal load. I may even take all the shades out from between the windows and inside screens and let in some natural light. the Cats are in a kennel until Jerry gets home and inside. I'll let them out once he's in.
Outside my door ... This Morning it was HOT an HUMID.. it started to get a bit cloudy at 10 am but was still very hot. We had lots more clouds at 12, but that sure didn't seem to help make things cooler. We started getting some Thunder at 2 and by 3 we had rain. I walked the Dogs at 4:30 and all the lighting and thunder had stopped so the dogs got to play in the wet grass. It was nice to be out with my large hat on, and letting the dogs play in the wet grass. They had so much fun. Looks like we will have rain all night long and another system is to bring in more rain tomorrow along with cooler temps. Instead of being in the 90's we will be in the mid to upper 80's for a couple of days. I will open up the windows and let this place "air" out.
The Dogs ... Macon has a "New" trick. I thought he would love to walk in the water, seeing as how he's 1/2 Yellow Lab.. Nooo.. he likes to jump large water puddles. The longer the jump, the better for him.  He jumped over one 5 or 6 times before he figured out Rocky wasn't jumping with him and then he tried to pull Rocky into via his lead. Rocky was not going to have any thing to do with a water puddle, NO WAY.  Brakes, growl and a snarl let Macon know Rocky does not like to play in water at all. That's ok, cause Macon then decided to jump back and forth at least 4 more times. Rocky walked as quickly as he could through it, once each way to a potty area.
The Cats ... Had discovered that my mattress is on the floor, at an angle and have been jumping on it, running under it, jumping on the wood of my bed. Which, by the way, makes lots of neat noise. They love jumping in such a way that they slide across it as well. Jumping off of it Ninja style, running an bouncing off it like a sideways spring board. And, in all being happy with a new toy.
From the kitchen... Ham, Butter Noodles cooked in the rice cooker, salad, Strawberry Jell-o with pears in it.
I am hearing... The news is on. mostly for background noise. When I'm outside I don't mind the quiet but I dodn't like it quiet while I'm inside.
I am wearing... Jean shorts and my Eyor top.
I am reading... emails
A few plans for the rest of the week...  Not sure we have any plans, just yet. Keeping the camper picked up, cooking meals, doing the laundry over the weekend. Maybe go find a few Geocaches. Last week we looked for 4 and only found one of them.

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Happy Summer Soltice :)