Friday, June 10, 2011

For Today... June 9, 2011

For Today... June 9, 2011
Good Morning... Yea, I'm ready to get this move started.  I thought about doing a cleaning today, but then thought, I'd have to do it all over again tomorrow. I will do laundry tomorrow and while that's going on, I can start packing up some of this "stuff". I use the laundry tubs for the stuff in the kitchen when we move. All the over head stuff has to come down. So, I'll move a tub of out of season clothes to the van temporary, and then pack Jerry's closet into a box on that side. I'll do a through cleaning of the closet on the other side in readyness to pack that closet. I really should see if I can compact the stuff over my bed before I put that into a box. I put all the things I want to work on, up there. I think I'll make a list of everthing up there and then use that list as part of my "to do" list.  When we start the final packing on Saterday Morning, the kennels will have to be close to the door and I'll use the space that they are in for the boxes of stuff over our beds. So the order of how to pack has to change just a bit since the stuff on that side has to be packed up. Think I'll do that this afternoon. All but the printer that is. I have the directions on my computer and need to print them off.  I do empty the drawers in the kitchen as well. We have a couple of bunggy cords to keep them closed. I don't have to do as much under the sink. maybe move a few things off the shelf to the floor in there, but not have to take them out of from under that sink.
Once the laundry is done and put away, I'll have those tubs ready to use. I have a couple more cat litter tubs (I buy the largest tub I can find when I need more) Jerry used one yesterday while he was cleaning out his tool box.  Oh, after my show goes off, I'll go take a picture of his tool box. and he found a few things that need to be washed.. when he's back working. I'll have to do a couple extra loads of laundry once the paychecks start coming in again.  Anyway, back to the litter tubs.  He used one for some loose stuff in his box, and while he was getting that one out of the house I reminded him we had a empty bucket just outside the door, with my plants on it. (duh) He could use it for some of that loose stuff as well.  We will put the water hoses (yes, we have 2 hoses, one for the water to the camper and the other to wash out kennels or out outside water use) into two of the buckets and the sewer line goes into one as well. We use that bucket to make a "U" drop in the sewer line so we don't get all the smell from the sewer line.  washing out the sewer line is one of those jobs that has to wait to the last minute.  Jerry said he's also going to empty all the water from the hot water tank. all 15 gallons of it. (or is it only 10 gallons)
Because of the ants,  I have to use two buckets for the pet's dry food. I use one of the buckets for our trash can. The lid keeps the cats out of the trash.
I'm still thinking of taking out the upper hem from the curtain I made and re-dooing it. I should have made sure it was straight when I put it in, but didn't and the crocked hem is starting to bother me a bit. I know. Jerry don't care at all... but the fact that it isn't hanging straght bothers me, now. I did straighten out the bottom of the material when I put in the lower hem, so I know it's the upper one that needs to be redone. Then again. if I can find the right shade of fleece, or flannel, I want to make another with, that has more color to it.  I'm so tired of beige bland in here.  I'll also be on the look out for some paint for that bathroom wall I need to repaint.
Outside my door ...  Sunny and Hot, hight to be up in the mid 90's. If we are lucky though it will be like yesterday, and the clouds will be so thick that we don't get that afternoon swelter.
The Dogs ... Wantedd out while Jerry was out. He was smoking a cigar and I have no idea why he didn't want to keep an eye on them outside for a bit. They love to be outside. I let the out (on lines) while I sat with him a bit. When they started to bark at the people next door it was time to come back in. But they got some good play time in first. Now everyone but me is asleep. Rocky and the cats on my bed, Macon and Jerry on Jerry's bed.
The Cats ... have been haveng a time of it this morning. Running, jumping and picking on the dogs. Smokey and Fuzzy-butt were tring to get Rocky to join in the fun by bitting his leg while they were wrestling at his tail end. He just moved his leg out of their way.
From the kitchen... Using the last of the meat from the freezer today. Pork chops and mashed potatoes with some cut up green peppers and cucumbers. Once Lunch is done tomorrow afternoon, I'll be doing up the last of the dishes and getting ready to pack them and the stuff in the fride early in the morning. because of the lack of space I can't pack up until the last minute or we wouldn't have anyplace to sit or sleep.
I am hearing... I have Y&R on.  it's about half over for the day. After that will be the news. I'm sure that, once the news is off, Jerry may want to play his game some more. I may do what he's doing right now, and take a nap.
I am wearing... my blue shorts that doesn't have any pockets in them.  Can tell I'm getting to the last of my shorts when I wear them, because I love my pockets in my pants and shorts.  Reminds me. I need to design a new "Pocket" for my 1700 clothes.
I am reading... I just finished a book. I don't even remember the name of it, now. It was about two families who each lost a son to a accident and how both were dealing with the pain and guilt of what happened. Now it's between The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin or A time to love (an Amish story)  When we get to a wifi again, I'll be downloading more books to read, Jerry is having trouble down loading the free kindle reader onto his laptop.
I am thinking... I really do have to make time to work on some crafts each after noon. I have plenty of things to work with, and ideas to work on. just have to make the time to do it all.
I am creating... Watch my Blog... I'm going to try something "New" (Old) that's going to include a white tshirt, water, and mud.  Today I did a few stitches on a crayon quilt block I started 3 years ago.
One of my favorite things... Sitting outside with Jerry. Just watching the world go by.  I did tell him of an idea of something I want to set up. Cost around $5. total (maybe a little more but will be under $10 after I get the plants and or candles and or whnd chimes for it)
A few plans for the rest of the week... Moveing the camper "UP North" with a quick stop in Tuscaloosa.

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