Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I was a little busy this morning. Bored and didn't want to do the housework just yet.

I read about coating a jar with tinted Modge Podge a few days and wanted to try it. The directions called for outdoor Modge Podge but I didn't have any. I have only the Matt Finished. That's ok though, since I don't "have" to put this outside. I don't have the solar lights yet, anyway for that other project..any ways I started off with all this "stuff".

Almost looks like I'm going to cook something, right?

A clean small glass jar. (dill pickle relish jar)

A paper Plate (to put under the jar)

A couple of toothpicks, to mix the color into the Modge Podge

Modge Podge

Food Color

a toss away lid to mix Modge Podge and color on.

A foam brush

I poured out a large puddle of the MP and then added 4 drops blue and 4 drops red and mixed. then I added 2 more drops blue and swirled that in, as well.

Using the foam brush, coat all the glass with the MP. Don't do where the lid goes though. I held the glass by the lid and when I put it down only had to touch up a couple of small spots.

then set it aside to dry

Place a candle in it. I'm using a battery tea light in this one.

I took several pictures and this is the only one that came out looking nice. The rest had a glare from the flash on it.

Well... yuck. I mixed up way, way too much purple MP. and I had been thinking of doing this other project as well. It was a bit mess, though. Good thing I don't mind my fingers being a bit sticky at times.

I was smearing MP and holding the twine as I wound it around and around the Nut Can. Most likely I'll use it for our laundry Change, now.

The MP isn't dry on it, yet.

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