Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

Well, our 2010 is not starting out very well. Jerry went to help our nephew move a few things and discovered our storage unit had been broken in to. Nothing missing that he can tell, But I'll have to go there and look and see if I can tell of any thing missing. The lock had been removed some time between in the last few hours. Ours was not the only unit broken in to and he saw the lock for the other unit on our row, and it wasn't covered in snow. We had a light snow fall the night before and into the moring hours. So Jerry made a police report any way. If I can see if any thing is missing, we will add it to the report. I'm thinking the unit's that were broken into were being cased and who ever did it, was planning to return and do a quick pick up of things. We now have to replace the lock. We are borrowing a lock from the storage building owners.

We can now get out and go to town. The drive was plowed and the van both unstuck by a bobcat on tracks.

Beth has spent the last few nights at her friends home. I've been taking care of her pets while she's been out.

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