Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jan 8, 2010

For Today... Jan 8, 2010

Outside my window... The snow has tapered off, Was snowing very well this morning. Now the sun shines but still very, very cold outside. The man across the road is clearning his driveway with a Catapiller. I saw a farm tractor going down the road earlier today. I'm guessing he's checking on his herd or moveing hay for them. Didn't see him carring anything with it, but did have a blade down to clear the path.

I am thinking... If I have to be here, At least we are warmer than what we would have been in the camper. We would have to use small electrical heaters in the camper and have to be carefull that we are not blowing the breaker like we were doing when we had the air conditioner on this past summer. I still want to get back into our camper soon.

I am thankful for... Not having to stay out in this cold for very long at a time. Even the dogs want to stay in the house.

From the kitchen... cube steaks for dinner, tonight.

I am wearing... Brown sweatpants and purple sweat shirt

I am reading... blogs and emails

I am hoping... Hasn't changed much. A phone call is top priority right now. With warmer weather right behind it. Still not too late, yet, for a call today.

I am creating... nothing at tims time.

I am hearing... Beth and Jerry getting ready to play a game.

Around the house... Did up most of the dishes while they were gone. dried some clothes I had in the washer.

A few plans for the rest of the week... No plans.


The vans are dug out, again. Jerry and Beth spent at least 4 hours getting some much needed running done. They forgot to take the water jugs with them. Didn't have the DVD in a case that they took out with them. (I found it when I wanted to start a movie for noise in the house) and Jerry didn't make a much needed stop at RAC. But they did get a lot done. my 21 year old, now has a sled. Not for playing though, but to haul things from where the van is parked down to the house. Or back up the hill, which every direction it needs to go.

She picked up 4 games while at the store ( while complaining about not having many hours for next weeks check ) Monopoly, Farkle, Yatzze score cards and I don't remember the last. Also picked up a couple of DVD's to watch.

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