Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jan 6, 2010

For Today... Jan 6, 2010

Outside my window... (7 am) It's still pre-dawn. The sky outside my window is cloudy and the edges across the way are orange tinted where the light is just now starting to peek through the clouds. The brightness is in contrast to the dark bare limbs of the trees that reach their empty spikes toward the sky. Very poetic? The whiteness of the snow still on the ground also gives contrast to the color of the sky and the predawn, joyous beginning of a new day. In just the time it has taken me to write this, more Yellow has touched the upper edges of the low clouds and Sam has just run, barking, toward the back driveway. I think he's waiting for the school bus to drive by so he can race it. *7:25* Now there is bright pink as well as the orange touching the clouds. I am not looking directly where the sun will coe up at, but just north of that spot. if I lean over far to my left I can see where it will be, and the spot is almost colorless where the sky is but the clouds are covered in colors. Orange, Pink some purple undertones in the spaces the color does not touch in the clouds. IF it wasn't so cold out, I'd try to take a picture.Even higher, closer to me, the clouds now have some pink touches. with purple and blue undertones at the edges. Can now see some of the brown of the under brush and weeds at the edge of the back yard. A few early birds are flying, high and fast. You can almost see the cold, out there. CAn feel it on my feet in here as I sit near this window.

I am thinking... (7 am)It's too dark to be 7 am. and too cold for the first week of Janurary, and to early to have been up two hours already.

I am thankful for...

From the kitchen...(7 am) I'm thinking oatmeal for breakfast this morning. I havn't had it in a long, long time. (didn't get it, either)

I am wearing...(7 am) Yesterday's clothes. Havn't changed yet into something fresh for today. Light grey sweat pants, purple tshirt and red hunters shirt over that. A blue printed bandana on my head to keep my hair out of my eyes.

I am reading... (7 am) old, old emails

I am creating...(7 am) meaningless thoughts

I am hearing... Sam barking, the heater running in the other room. some mp3's I have stored on this computer

Around the house... I need to do dishes. and some laundry if we still have water to the washer. The hot is frozen to the kitchen sink and bathtub. To do dishes, I'll have to warm water on the stove. Not a bad thing, really.

One of my favorite things... Early morning hours just to myself

A few plans for the rest of the week... I really, really need to make me a dress.







Good Morning, Well it's morning while I write this. 6:30 is a bit early. Beth got home around 5am. I really am beginning to wonder how it is, at least in her mind, that I got to be 52 years old and not learn any thing at all in all this time. I'll have to wait till this evening to fill you in on all of it. She really does act like I have no clue to any thing in life or this world. I know I've been sheltered, but not "That" much. Gee. Well, one example I can relate. She has a tooth hurting. OH No, it couldn't be the cold or the barametric pressure changes of the last couple of days causing it at all. NO Siree. Just can't be that at all. Even her father is being told that.. yup, we don't know nothing about anything.

The weather this early morning is still very, very cold out. I had to walk the dogs after she came in, from work. Macon snuck out on me and wanted to go exploring. But was willing enough to come in when I told him we were going back in. I don't want him getting it into his head that he can just go out the door without a lead on. Most places we will be, will not allow a loose dog.

The only reason we really have cells phones is because the numbers can travel with us, no matter where we go. Granted we don't "Need" three numbers any more. But it's a packaged deal. Beth wanted to pay for her own, so she no longer has the one we pay for. (never learns, if you get it free from your parents, your saving money) Wait till she finally decides to buy a suv, and has to pay for her own insurance, again. She said the van is running ok, now. It may have been an ice block in the system. She said she smelled antifreeze when she was at a long stop light. Well, when we drove it, we smelled the same thing at the same light. (another one of those, we don't know what we are talking about moments) I told her it could have been from where it over flowed onto the moter the day before and was still burning off. Yeah, maybe..(duh) Jerry may check it before she goes to town this morning for an appointment she has. Hopefully the weather will not turn bad, until after that is over with.



Ut oh. We "HAD" a water pipe break in the bathroom while I was eating Breakfast. I heard it. Got Jerry on it, and man what a mess. Wet dog blankets in the floor. Had to remove the toilet to get to the pipe and fix it. What should have taken only an hour took over 4 due to having to go to town twice. but it's fixed, now to keep it from freezing up, again.

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