Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jan 7, 2010

For Today... Jan 7, 2010

Outside my window... (noon) The sun is shining but the wind is picking up snow and flinging it everywhere. We got about 4 inches of it yesterday and last night but its now being piled up in drifts by this wild wind.

I am thinking... I love the internet. I'm doing a blog run. I pick a blog to read, then start reading blogs that are listed in the side bar.. some very intresting reading in some. Some great craft ideas in others.

I am thankful for... Electric heaters and power for them. We had a few shakes of the light, last night. Power loss or surges. Jerry and I got to talking, we have no place to go, if the power goes off, here. Beth has friends she can stay with.

From the kitchen... (noon) Jerry made pancakes this morning. We have three eggs left. He's been doing the cooking here lately so I didn't know we only had a few eggs left, or I would have reminded him to pick some up while he was out, yesterday, in the blowing snow.

I am wearing...(noon) Grey Sweatpants and a blue tshirt with the red hunters shirt over all. This is a very nice and warm shirt. I think I better find the pattern and material and make up a couple more of them.

I am reading...(noon) Blogs

I am hoping..(noon).The weather warms up enough to melt the snow, soon. And for a phone call for a job for Jerry.

I am creating... I need to get off the computer and make something, any thing. either tye my blanket or make me a dress.

I am hearing... the heater in here

Around the house...(noon) I need to do the dishes. Should pick up all our stuff. Don't feel like doing anything but surf the net some more.

One of my favorite things...

A few plans for the rest of the week...


Jerry and the dogs made enough noise to wake the dead, And me. Then Beth got home from work, Grouchy. I know I taught her to say Hello, when she first goes into a room...(grr). She went straight to bed. It was 8 am. While I'm trying to get my morning routine started, ie, blood sugar count and morning dose of insulin into me. The dog come scampering in to this room, Jumping and running and out, then back then out and back again. What was that? What just crossed over my feet? Yikes, no wonder the dogs are in an uproar.. they are giving chase, to a mouse. Rocky thought it ran in to one of the kennels. it race behind it. Rocky is still in the kennel trying to find it. There is nothing for it to hide under, in the kennel. It came out, ran across my feet, again and into the closet. I tried to get Rocky to come closer so he could get it. Nope,, it ran into the other bedroom and the chase continued. about an hour later, both dogs in the other bedroom and Rocky rooting around, I spotted mouse behind some picturs leaning against the wall. Rocky hot on the trail. So I helped him by moving first one, then another... Bam, he got it.. only to drop it. and the chase was on again. Back into the corner, move another picture and, Bam.. had it again. Stunned it well, this time. Rocky ran off with his prize. Not far enough. Dropped in by my chair in this room. It's still breathing, almost. I picked it up by the tail and procedded to take it outside, to Molly. she knows just what to do with it. Gulp.

Molly refused to come in to the house last night. Not amount of calling or treat shaking would get her to come near the door. The garage isn't that bad cold. She had a warm, soft place to sleep. So I left her out there. Same enjoyed a night in the house. He's older (and wiser). The sun is shining now, but it's so windy that just a few minutes out there is sure to make your nose run and your hand turn blue if your foolish enough to not wear gloves.

We have very cold weather tonight, even for Missouri. Wind chills around minus 25F. Beth has to work tonight. Her van has no heat in it. She's going to have to drive it anyway. She won't try our van. It's larger, heavier. Jerry will have to go up and run our van for a bit, just to be sure it doesn't crack the block. All told, I think we got 5 to 6 inches of snow from this storm. To much for me. but the wind has driven most of it into drifts. Ray country, the county just below where we are, Has asked everyone to stay home unless you just have to get out. They don't have enough snow removal equipment to get to all the roads. Beth has to drive through one corner of the county to get to work. Schools have already been cancelled for the rest of this week.

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