Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jan 5th, New Year, new hope

Jan 5th. It's a new year and we have hope that things will get better for us and our family.

This past year, my weight shot up to a bit over 300 pounds. I started this year off at 297, I know that is a lot of weight, but it's less than that 300 I was at this past summer. I still have to re learn how to eat less and to eat more healthy. At least I think we have most all the candy out of the house now. Yes, we ate it. I just can't convince myself that I'm not suppose to eat Chocolate.

I really am trying to get up and move more. The dogs seem to prefer Jerry to walk them, but I do try to take them out at least twice each day, while he's still off work.

Jerry made a few phone calls yesterday, one call back, but was disappointing in that the message was they had no plans on hiring any one for the next 3 to 4 months.

This cold that is gripping the nation is of great concern. It will drive fresh food prices up, keep people from jobs and has already proven to be deadly. It's not that, here in Missouri, we are not use to it being this cold. We are not use to it being this cold this early into winter. I do wonder just what the end of Janurary / first of Feburary is going to be like since that is the usual coldest time of the year. I will gladly give all this snow and cold back to my brother in Alaska. I really should ask him to close the door and keep all this cold up there, where it belongs.

I have a new cell phone. Same number just a new phone. Jerry discovered that if we didn't get them today, we would have to pay out some cash for new phones. So, get of the internet, close down what I was doing (not much, really.. just looking for crafts to post in my newsletter I now put out) put the dogs in kennels, bring in the outside dogs to keep them from following us to the road, put on coats, turn the van around, go up the icy driveway... around a few "S" curves, that were a bit nerve wrecking to me... especally when his tool box started rolling around a bit, and get to town. I did find what I wanted, another flip phone. Beth swears by her sliding top phone, but I don't do "that" much texting like she does. I need mine to cover the keys when I'm not using it. Got just what I needed. Came back home. let the dogs out. Jerry parked the van up the driveway, then had to walk back to it because he left the chargers in the van, while I made up a skillet of chili for dinner, tonight. chili and Crackers. I didn't do the all day to cook chili that My Mom use to make. I can't find her recipe for it. I do need to go back to storage and look again for my box of recipes that I know I have out there. How do you mis place a large box of index cards?

Jerry did get a lock on the storage door. Hopefully we will not be opened again. It's getting very desperate when some one is breaking in to storage units that face the front office. They must know just where the security camera is facing.

We have frozen water pipes. We have cold water to the sinks and tub, hot water to the bathroom sink only. I can hope that, while the tempatures raise enough for it to snow, that the hot water will return as well.


Outside my window... The sun was out all day, but it was still very bitter cold. We have a forcast of at least 3 more incehs of snow and up to 6 inches with it blowing and drifting again. We are under a sever weather advisory because the lows and the wind could make the wind chill - 20 to -30 tomorrow night. Deadly for any one caught out in it for more than just a few minutes

I am thinking... I'm not going any where, unless we lose power . If we lose power we also lose heat and I have no idea where we would go.

From the kitchen...chilie and Crackers were for dinner tonight. Easy to make when you pick up a prepackaged seasoning pack then pick up the list of ingredinents on the back of the thing. Jerry coudln't find the beans it called for , so picked up some chili beans and it had just the right amount of kick to it.

I am wearing... Light grey sweat pants, and a purple tshirt and a red hunters shirt (a shirt from our 1790's stuff, almost a dress, even on me)

Around the house... We watched a couple of video's tonight. I think next time, I better go with Jerry and find better fvideos. He did ok but these were really lame.

A few plans for the rest of the week... I really should start on a dress I have the material and pattern for or make up my tied blanket that Beth got me the fleece for.

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