Monday, January 18, 2010

Did you miss me?

Did you miss me?

Did you wonder what I was up to?

I was on the couch with a what started out as a tooth ache and turned into a major swelling in my jaw.

We got snowed in, again. Another huge drift in the drive way. At least this time, Jerry and Beth parked on the other side of it. Well almost. They had to dig out both vans but at least not all that far.

But since I have no stamina left (or so it seems ) and it was "only" a tooth ache at first. I took acetaminophen and applied cold. That seemed to help, That is ,until Monday.. Then the swelling started, under my jaw near that tooth. Heat or cold didn't matter much. but I started taking allergy pills because of sinus draning. Ok, that felt better.

by Tuesday Jerry and Beth could come and go ,but both said there was no way I was going to be able to get around that drift. Not that I doubted them any. I was content to stay on the couch under either an ice pack or the heat pad and continue with what I was doing, even though the jaw had swollen up more and was starting down my neck.

skip to Friday. We had a couple of warmer days and some snow melt. by late afternoon I couldn't stand it any more. It's not a sharp pain but a total numbmess, tingeling thing going on that even the pain reliver wasn't able to stop. So, I get dressed, into my coat, grab my little black bag that I keep all my on-going meds in and head for the Van. Jerry with me. We have to play the van shuffle when we got there. and that drift was still in the way. It was hard to get over no matter which way I headed. Went to the ER Because we are broke.

Dr. Dodson was good but said that this town hosiptal doesn't have an ENT on staff or on call. I could go to Liberty, (two er bills) or some other hopsital, but he didn't know if they would be able to help or not. He had put in a call to an ENT that does use Liberty Hospital and didn't hear back from him. He said it "Could" be an abcess, looked like one, but didnot really feel like one. Well, maybe it did, he said he could try to lance it, but since it's not something he's had much experance with... I could either go to Liberty or wait for the ER Doc of the evening to come and let him check me out, first. (get a second oponion ) Glade we waited. He does have a bit more experance with it. Said we could still go to Liberty but why not first get a CT scan. Ok. ES hospital has a scanner there. I'm there. lets do it. If I had gone to another hospital they would have wanted a scan anyway so why not.

we wait, and wait.. and wait.. and he comes in. It's not got a drainable pus pocket. It more along the lines of facial cellulitis I was given two shots in the backside. Was told because the needle wasn't large enough to hold the amount of antibotic plus the (male) nurse added some lidacain to it. Said it would still be a bit of a burning sensation. Well, I'll tell you. He's good. I just felt the poke of the first needle. The second one, there was a bit of fire in it. But not as bad as a bee sting can be. He said I could rub it but walking would be better. I said that's covered because no matter which driveway I try to use to get back to the house, it's going to be a bit of a walk. Stayed the standard 15 minutes to be sure I didn't have an adverse reaction to the shot, and was on our way back home, with a script.

I was told the shot should really start reducing the swelling by morning. 24 hour later I finally could tell a wee bit of difference in my face. When my nephew came over to play games last night with Jerry and Beth (I don't play monopoly) the first thing he did was tease Jerry that he had hit me. Did I really look that bad? well ... maybe. But it's looking (and feeling) much better now. I have a 10 day script and if that doesn't clear it up, I'm to see my local doc. (yeah, right.. I would have gone to him, sooner .. if we had the money to be able to in the first place) But, yes. it kicked me about a bit, but I'm kicking it back. and hope to be back to my old self soon. With instructions to go see a dentist as soon as I can.

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