Monday, January 18, 2010

from 298 to 282 in one week

yeah. laying on the couch and not being able to eat will do that to you. I keep an eye on my blood sugar the whole time. I learned from long ago, that If I'm not going to be able to eat. don't take my insulin, but check more often. My readings were in the 150 to 160 range with just one 228 in the past week. Instead of taking my regular doses of insulin, I was taking one dose, when I knew I would be able to sip something. With the swelling in my jaw, I wasn't able to chew any thing. I lived on cottage cheese, the broth from chicken noodle soup, soft cooked eggs, milk, yogurt and finally remember that Beth has a stick blender and had Jerry "motorboat" some Beef Barley soup into a gruel. It worked. The hard part was conviencing him that popcorn, crackers or bacon are not soft food and so I just couldn't have them. he tried, he was trying to find things I could eat. Now to let this drop be a new beginning in more weight loss. only this time instead of 15 pounds in a week. lets shoot more for only a pound or two a week.

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