Tuesday, January 19, 2010

For Today... Jan 19, 2010

Hello. Here I am. back from town, having folded up a load of laundry, moved clothed from washer to dryer and started another load. Thinking only 60 more days until SPRING !!!.

I blog hop. I'll start reading a blog. then check out the list of blogs that person reads. I bookmark blogs to go back to. And Now I've found a couple of blogs about gardening. Man.. oh man. Here I am, about 4 or 5 miles from "the Farm", and can't even make plans for a garden. Not knowing where we will be in 60 days. I would love to "put in" a garden, but I also know Beth is not intrested at all. (too much work). I was just reading about radishes. Beth loves them, I love them. Even Jerry will eat a few (dozen or so) at a time. Even our dogs will eat them. But with no idea if they will grow in a container, I just can't make a garden plan. I do hope to plant herbs this year, in a couple of buckets or terracotta bowls. I can't do that, until I know we will be in our own camper. You just can't grow much living in a motel. I never know which way we will face. If we would have direct light into the room, or not. At least with a camper, even if we were under trees, we would be able to get some light. I'm not regreting going from job to job with Jerry. Not at all. I just regret that I can't take my garden with me.


For Today... Jan 19, 2010,(9am)

Outside my window... The fog is finally lifting. Hey, I can see ground out there !!!. we still have plenty of mud and slick spots but at least most of the snow on the driveway is gone. Jerry is itching to go to town. He's been "itching" for over three days, now. We do need some things from the store, eggs, bread and milk... but he's just wanting to get out I think.

I am thinking... I'm working on laundry today and thinking I need to get up and go fold what in the dryer and transfer from the washer. I also think I better start working at repacking our stuff in the middle bedroom and compacting what I can.

I am thankful for... A roof over our head and heat inside. Also very thankful for antibotics. They are working, slowly.

From the kitchen... don't know what we are going to have for dinner, yet. I had one waffle for breakfast. smeared with plenty of peanut butter. I'm stuffed.

I am wearing... brown sweat pants and a blue top.

I am reading... still working on the backlog of emails and a few magazine articals when my eyes are not hurting. Wearing my glasses to see if that will help out any.

I am hoping... Same as always... That Jerry gets a job call.

I am hearing... I'm got Windows Media Player going, with music from files I have downloaded over the last two months.

Around the house... can't vacumn until Beth gets up, but am trying to clean up the living room a bit.

One of my favorite things... Knowing how much Jerry loves.

A few plans for the rest of the week...

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