Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dec 27. 2009

We are offically snowed in. There is a man in town who kinda looks out for B. He's friends with her landlord. B got her van stuck about halfway up the driveway. While we were working on that, B walked up the rest of the driveway and saw that someone had tried to come in. C had gotten stuck and almost tore up his truck, trying to plow us out. WE have both vans stuck. Ours near the house and her's about half-way up the driveway. J is coming by, to take B to Walmart for a few things. Eggs, bread, and cat food. We are also out of cat litter, used it all trying to get her unstuck. She may look for sand instead. I walked up, after they got the van stuck halfway up the driveway, and gee is it deep up there.. There is one snow drift that is hip high on me. C left behind a broken snow shovel handle and I was using it to prod the ground in front of me, and check snow depth, and at a few places it was up to the handle of the thing. I'm guessing it's at least 2 foot tall I fell into the ditch and it was hip high on me. One of the drifts is up to my waist. I wanted J or B to take a picture of me near one of the drifts. We are not going to be out of the 20's until Wed. and then it's only going to be 35 and another chance of snow...

Add to that. MaCoy called J last night with a really good chance at a job in Lower Georgia. We would love to go to any job, right now. but this one would be warm. It's just above where Georgia and Flordia meet at the ocean.

We need to find a local fax machine. that doesn't cost a whole lot to send from, because they have a 15 page application.

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