Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jan 9, 2010

11 am, Jerry and Beth just left. We have another water break. Beth needs to go to Liberty to check up on something she got on her phone. I think it's a scam. She's thinking it may be, also. We always go to the source, and not just blindly respond to text or voice messages.. LIke the one that says the Bank of Greater Kansas City has declined your card, please call XXX XXXX to reactavate your card. There is no Bank of Greater Kansas City. We always call our bank, first, though, just to be on the extra safe side.

We now have the satilight turned back on. I hope it stays on for more than 4 weeks this time. Jerry and Beth played Monopoly. I don't like that game much, Jerry just thrills when he wins and gets so grouchy when he don't. That's the only game he's like that with. All three of us played Yatzee last night. I won. Still havn't played Farkle, yet.

Grrr. Jerry put our dogs in the middle bedroom, then forgot the let them out once Sam, Beth's dog, was in his kennel and they tore up a notebook I had in there. Now I have to figure out what is missing and can I replace it or not. Recipes I know of, A couple of craft ideas, maybe. But one was a story in an old newpaper artical about up at the farm. I hate to lose that one.

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