Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jan 21, 2010

Hello again. We have ventured out to town once again and back. We even drove all the way into the barn this time. Yea!! there is still a small bit of that huge snow drift at the top of the hill, but it's only about 6 inches deep now. Jerry will drive Beth up to her van this evening, when she's ready to go to work. It was a bit slick coming down but by tonight it should be frozen enough that the tires won't sink in too badly. We took both the dogs out with us, today. They havn't had a ride in over two weeks. They did fairly well, walking up the driveway. Macon did try to pull me along a couple of times but he soon discovered that wasn't going to get us there any faster. Molly walked up with us, but once we got to the van was more than willing to go back down to the home (barn). I' sure she'll stay away from the road from now on. I finally found some Fel's Nappa bar soap. Lawson super has it, always has had it. I've been 4 or 5 states looking for it... of course we don't have enough money to pick it up today. Will have it tomorrow. Laundry soap recipe is so easy. 1/3 bar finely grated Fel's Nappa, 1 cup Borax and 1 cup Washing Soda. need a good tub scrub, mix equal parts of Borax and Washing soda. both work great. We each made our own breakfast this morning. I didn't want what Jerry wanted and he didn't want what I wanted. I had a small piece of the Pineapple upside down cake I made last night and a grilled cheese and turkey sandwich. We ate late so it was a late breakfast early lunch. When we got back from the store we each had a balony sandwich. We are craving bread and meats. That's usual for both of us in winter time. I tend to bake more in winter as much to warm the house as to have something I want to eat. My jaw is still sore under neith my chin and along the front egde but at least it's not like it was this time last week. I can now chew and swallow without pain.

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