Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween.

We went to town for a bit, Stopped in at the Library for some free on line for Jerry and Beth. Jerry found a few phone numbers to call on Monday for job searching. Beth was updating her computer. I sat for a bit with them. Talked to an old friend a bit, catching her up on current events in the family including my nephew getting married this past summer to one of Beth's friends. and a bit of chit chat. Hard to believe that her oldest is now 18. Kids grow too fast these days.

I've learned that it doesn't do any good in trying to defend or explain yourself. No one is going to want to believe you any way. People will think what they want and condem you any way, because they can.

Oh, I didn't mention, Beth was dressed up today. as a vampire. She's so enjoyed reading the Twilight books and Has talked me into watching the movie. Intresting to say the least. I try to never condiem a book or movie without at least trying to view it. I'm not much of a vampire reading person but now she's got me intrested in reading at least the first book of the series. I have started the Harry Potter books a few times and just can't seem to get intrested in them enough to keep reading. That being said, I see no harm in the average kid reading them either.

Back to Beth's being dressed up. She got lots of "Looks" while we were wondering around the local Wal-mart. One kid really enjoyed her look and was thrilled that she would talk to him about dressing up. He kept telling his Dad he should have worn his costume as well. A few other small kids were dressed out. Some of the "Adults" kinda looked down their noses at her. I figure they have their oponion. She can do as she will, she's old enough and besides she was having fun. With the month we have had, a little fun was very needed.

Jerry and Beth ended up going back to town, once we got home to pick up a few missed items. I stayed home, as much to keep the dogs company as anything. No trick or treaters here. We are too far from the road and to far out of town for any one to stop in. The plans Beth had, fell though when her friend she was going to go out with, had other plans for this evening.

Turn back the clocks tonight. Great. Oh well. we will be jumping the clocks ahead soon enough. eithe way the day will only have so much sun shine no matter what time the clock says it is. try to explane to dogs that it's too early, when the sun is peeking through the windows and they are use to going out a dawn first light.

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