Wednesday, October 21, 2009

For Today... Tuesday October 20, 2009

For Today... Tuesday October 20, 2009

Outside my window... (9 am) We had a brief storm come through before sun rise. Now the skies are claen and it's fresh out-side. If I didn't know it's fall I would say it feels like Spring out side. (9 pm) It's dark outside, now and raining. We had a good day for the most part far as weather goes. Warm enough I didn't need a jacket. Cool enough to have a window down in the van while we were driving back home. But now, it's wet out and I know my dogs are not going to want to go out in that. Poor Sam, he's on a chain outside. Once our dogs are walked one more time, he'll be allowed off for the night. If he didnt try to fight with Macon all the time, he wouldn't have to be on a chain during the day.

I am thinking... (9 am) I don't know what I want to do. I could clean at the house for Beth. but I don't know where to put things. I don't want to start laundry because it's noisy and she's sleeping right now. (9 pm), All in all, things are going good. We may have to clean it, but Beth has a nice place to stay. The dogs are welcomed and we are trying to help her train Molly as well.

I am thankful for... (9 am) cell phones. I was able to text Beth that "Dad" was running a bit late. We didn't wake up until 7 am. Which is time to pick her up, not leave the house. That way she didn't have to worry that something may have happend to him on his way to get her. It was still dark when he left and I walked the dogs after he left.
(9 pm), My children. Each one has been very good in offering to help us in some way or another.


From the kitchen... (9 am) not sure yet. We had hot dogs, mashed potatoes and green beans last night. Maybe I can put together that lagzana Beth wants for supper, tonight for her. (9 pm). yes, We fixed the lazanga for dinner along with some rolls. I really should have eaten earlier but since my sugar was higher than usual, I'm doing ok. Can't help what Beth's schedual is like.

I am wearing... (9 am) gray sweats and my Reble tshirt that has a horse on it.

I am reading...(9 am) emails and old recipes in a notebook (9 pm) still reading emails.

I am hoping... (9 am) That Jerry will get a phone call on a job today. (9 pm) Jerry gets a phone call tomorrow. George said he would call either Tuesday or Wendsday, and since he didn't call today, hope for that call tomorrow (praying for it)

I am creating... (9 am) a mess. well not really but I'm no making any thing either at this time.

I am hearing... (9 am) the fan on the comptuer. (9 pm) the rain outside

Around the house... (9 am) Keeping it quiet so Beth can rest. I did up the dishes and have more to go, as soon as we eat. The meal is cooked, now we just have to sit and eat. Jerry is fixing the rolls.

One of my favorite things...(9 am) Eating Lunch with my Friend Vicky. We enjoy going to the Pekin in town and talking. I think we end up doing more talking than eating, if that's possible.

(9 pm) is hearing Jerry snoring. I know he's needing the rest he's getting here.

A few plans for the rest of the week... (9 am) straigthen up the back of the van, and repack it for more room.

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