Friday, October 9, 2009

For Today... October 9, 2009

For Today... October 9, 2009

Outside my window... The skys are laden with rain and we have had a few showers. At one time we were under a tornado watch and are still under a flood watch. The trees are still on the green side and I'm still waiting for fall to start.

I am thinking... I enjoy construction, but don't like it when we don't get a phone call. It is harder to find a job in Fall since most jobs are usually started in spring and ended finished in late fall. We can hope that a job will open up soon, And will enjoy some time with one of our children while we have some time off.

I am thankful for... Dog leads. Yes, dog leads. We can lower a few things from up here on the second floor down to the ground with a lead. We don't have enough boxes this time, so we are using plastic bags to pack up the smaller stuff and then lowering it over the side of the hand rail with a dog lead.

From the kitchen... Jerry made spegettie with Chili. We didn't want to go to the store and buy more to bring up when we are just going to have to carry it back down again. We have some things we can fix for breakfast and lunch tomorrow. Don't have any idea what dinner tomorrow will be.

I am wearing... Brown sweats and a top with small dark flowers on it. I also have on a bandana that we picked up when Jerry cashed his check.

I am hoping... That we only have to spend a week or so with Beth and get a phone call soon. As much as I love my children they are grown and need their space as much as I need mine.

I am hearing... USA, NCIS on the tv. and traffic outside on the road.

Around the house... Packing up and moving on. Jerry has been helping me get things out to the van and packing it up. He's been a real sweetheart and has also been helping me with walking the dogs as well.

One of my favorite things... Is having help with packing up. I'm sure I"ll be visiting the storage while we visit Beth and swaping out a few things. I am not giving up my sewing machine this time.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Packing up Saturday, Driving Sunday. Helping Beth out the rest of the week.

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