Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tonights dinner

This was our salad. No lettuce. We are taking a break from lettuce. Baby Carrots, tiny tomatoes, green peppers and cucumber. Jerry sprinkled season salt on his, I had a little ranch dressing on mine.

With Survivor being on tonight, I knew we would not be eating out. We didn't stop at a store last night either. So I worked with what I have on hand Ramen soup, and a can of chili. boil the ramen, drain it. mix in the flavor packet and add a can of chili.. I used two packes of Ramen for the two of us.

Fried spiced apples. I placed diced up fresh apples into a hot skillet with a bit of oil in it. Cooked until tender. Added some sugar in which I had stired in a bit of salt, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. Continue cooking until the sugar carmelizes then add a dash of lemon juice. Yummy. I took over 20 pictures on how to make this, but don't think I'll post them. Takes too long to download the pictures.

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