Saturday, October 10, 2009

October 10, 2009


For Today... October 10, 2009

Outside my window... The skies are grey. We did notice that some of the trees around here have changed color overnight.

I am thinking... I hope we take the longest time route to go to Beth's house, because it's not interstate and we will be able to watch the land and color change more.

I am thankful for... Understanding people. I'm sure that the man who we bought a tire off of, was wanting to hurry and close up his shop, yet he let us buy and have mounted a tire any way.

From the kitchen... sandwiches, fresh fruit and chips. Finger foods, mainly since I've packed up the dishes already

I am wearing... dark grey sweats and a printed top with eyor on it. It's almost too light for this weather

I am reading... emails

I am hoping... That we have an un-eventful trip tomorrow. Also that we are not too long at Beth's. A week or two would be nice, but longer than that would really be hard on u

Around the house... Everything is packed but the computers and some clothes.

One of my favorite things... Jerry walking the dogs. There are two more dogs here now. He looked out and saw that one was being walked so walked our out back. The spotted a couple of doves and I guess Macon saw them about the same time. Macon is now curouise about other animals. Last night, it was squirls.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Spend time with Beth, Let her sleep when she can, and have lunch with a good friend on Tuesday.



After a late breakfast, we went looking for a tire to replace on the spares' rim. We found one, about 10 minutes before the place was to close, I bet that was one of the fastest tire changes ever cause they closed on time.

While we were driving around, looking for a tire, we noticed a huge change in the colors on the trees now. Although it didn't feeze last night we did notice a huge change in the mornig tempature. I really needed a jacket for walking the dogs this morning.

WE have packed up the room and will sleep one more night here. We have about 5 more large items to go down to the van. Jerry said didn't know we had so much room. Last time he thought it was packed full, but He didn't pack more than one layer high last time.. we are floor to ceiling this time. with room for the dogs to ride as well. I do hope that while we are there, to pick up our smallest artifical Christmas tree so that, no matter if we are in the camper or a motel room, we can have it. I don't think of much of what we have with us, will be left in MO this time.

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