Thursday, October 8, 2009

For Today... October 6, 2009

For Today... October 6, 2009

Outside my window... It's another grey, rainy day. Even opening the curtain did not brighten the room up much. It cool enough that I want sleeves on, today

I am thinking... I'm ready for all this rain to stop. I also think I need to start trying to walk a lot more or I'm going to not be much good with taking all this stuff out of this rrom when we are ready to go on down the road.

I am thankful for... My internet friends. They help me stay on track. That the wait for this job is over with. Although the stress changes now to, where do we go to from here. We know it will not be here, in a large city. It may be another large city, but it won't be here.

From the kitchen... I'll be cutting up Cucumbers, Radishes and Green peppers to go with the sliced tomato for our vegetbales for dinner tonight. I have some chicken Tenderloins to grill. I fixed more instant potatoes because I don't want to move an open box of potato flakes. It just ends up making a mess.

I am wearing... maroon sweatpants and a lighter purple top.

I am hoping... That the rain stops soon.

I am hearing... The tv is on, but I'm not paying attention to it. Traffic out on the road.

Around the house... the dishes are done, the bed is made and I've got two loads of laundry going. One in the dryer and one in the washer

One of my favorite things... is sleeping in. Beth did wake me this morning but that's ok, I needed up any way. Heather texted me, asking me to call her. She got a great report from Bailey's teacher and she's doing great in school. The teacher is considering putting her in the advance group because she's starting to read, now. Not bad at all for only 6 weeks of K.

A few plans for the rest of the week... finish laundry up. clean out the van and re-arrange it. pack up most of my summer clothes. I doubt I'll need more than one pair of shorts out after this week. Change of plans. clean the van, secure the tool box from rolling all over the back... and then take down everything we are not using and have not used in the last two week. Pre packing.

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